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Hi there, My name is Paul Gardner, I am the owner and editor of testosteroneboostersaustralia.com

I am 58, I currently live in London with my wife Donna, but originally come from Strathpine, nr Brisbane, Queensland.

In my youth I used to swim competitively, and still play regular sports including tennis and squash.

Being an avid gym goer too, I have always been interested in body building supplementation and what actually makes our muscles grow. The way our bodies respond to exercise has always been of massive interest to me.

I have a CPD accreditation in Sports Nutrition and have many articles published in the popular media.

Testosterone supplementation plays a main part in modern day body building, its uses and benefits are far reaching and if the correct supplements are taken, the results can be amazing.

But that not all.. Testosterone boosters can help men aged 30 and over regain lost energy, muscle tone and sex drive – all signs of low testosterone

For the past four years I have researched natural testosterone boosting ingredients, read countless clinical studies and have tried and reviewed many of the popular testosterone supplements currently available here in Australia today.

My research, although mainly centred on testosterone boosters does include some of the other more common proteins and associated products.

If you have any questions or would like my opinion on a particular product, please get in touch with me by using the form below

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