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Beast 2 Shredded Fat Burner Review

Beast 2 Shredded Fat Burner – Can It Transform Your Body?

Beast 2 Shredded is a professional-strength formula that the manufacturers tell us works on five separate levels:genesis-nutrition-beast-2shredded

  1. Supports the thyroid
  2. Speeds up the metabolism
  3. Moderating body temperature
  4. Supports diuretic functions
  5. Reducing appetite

The claim is that this supplement works to enable users to do more without refueling, meaning their workouts see more visible results. Beast 2 Shredded also helps defeat fatigue.

The Formula in Beast 2 Shredded 

This product contains a powerful combination of ingredients that target fat and boost energy. Caffeine and green tea extracts help keep you going throughout the day, vanadium citrate mimics the effects of insulin and helps prevent carb cravings, and dandelion and horsetail extracts reduce water retention and prevent bloating by acting as natural diuretics. Thermodiamine then assists in burning fat by regulating the body’s temperature.

Other ingredients in this formula include phyllemblin, white willow bark extra, octopamine, HCL and narigin extract.

beast-2shredded-nutritionTaking Beast 2 Shredded

Take one scoop with 177-36mls of water with food twice daily. Don’t consume for than two scoops in any 24 hour period.

User Feedback

This supplement is suitable for both men and women, and has received a mixed bag of reviews from users.. some who have lost large amounts of body fat as a result (they believe) of using Beast 2 Shredded, while others failed to see any difference

The product receives a general thumbs up on its ability to offer long-lasting energy, sharp focus and enthusiasm about working out, but less positive about its fat burning abilities.

Some users have questioned the inclusion of beta-alanine in the supplement, as it has no effect on the body’s ability to burn fat.

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Beast 2 Shredded Reported Side Effects

Some users of Beast 2 Shredded fat burner have noticed they experienced a dry chalky mouth when using this product. Similarly, some people find the product has a sickly aftertaste and is hard to swallow.

Where to Buy Beast 2 Shredded In Australia

Beast 2 Shredded is widely available online from well-known retailers including,, and It costs between $25 and $53 for 45 servings.

Any Guarantees Provided

None provided

Our Thoughts

From what we can see, there is not a lot to get excited about with this product.. from our research, its clear that it lacks many of the more proven fat burning ingredients found in many other products, and we believe that it offers minimal (at best) fat burning capabilities.. it does contain a mild amounts of stimulants so it could suit some users, but overall we believe that its seriously lacking in potency and therefore effect…

Make sure your weight loss regime leaves you with visible results by choosing the right fat burning supplement to help you on your journey… 

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