BSc HydroxyBurn Hardcore Fat Burner Review

BSc HydroxyBurn Hardcore

Has BSc HydroxyBurn Hardcore Got The Power To Make You Lean?

 Scientifically formulated to boost fat loss and help progress towards weight loss goals, BSchydroxyburn_tabs_800 Body Science HydroxyBurn Hardcore contains powerful herbal extracts and has helped thousands of people shed fat and become lean by supporting energy expenditure and improving energy levels.

The Formula in BSc HydroxyBurn Hardcore

This product contains a number of key ingredients pivotal to effective weight loss, including the trademarked premium brown seaweed extract ID-aIG. Other ingredients include green tea leaf, guarana and chromium picolinate, which work in tandem to stimulate the metabolism, stop the body from storing carbohydrates as fat, reduces appetite and sugar cravings and  increase energy.

When used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise regime, this formula can help support fat burning and weight loss.

body-science-hydroxyburn-hardcore-clinical-nutritionThe complete ingredients list are displayed on the label:

Taking BSc HydroxyBurn Hardcore

There are two ways to consume this supplement depending on your activity level. Both provide users with a powerful energy hit that helps the weight fall off.

Before training or a race/game: take two tablets 20 minutes before exercise

On non-training days and for none athletes: take two tablets daily, one at both breakfast and lunchtime

User Feedback

BSc HydroxyBurn Hardcore receives a number of positive reviews commending the product on its ability to boost energy levels, suppress appetite and help with fat loss. A number of users have, however, stated that the product is not as powerful as others on the market when it comes to delivering an energy hit, and in their opinion, there are more effective fat burners available.

Any reported Side Effects

BSc HydroxyBurn Hardcore does not appear to have any reported side effects.

Where to Buy BSc HydroxyBurn Hardcore

If you search for the best price, this fat burner can cost around $60 AUD for 60 tablets. It can be purchased from the official Body Science website and another number of reputable retailers, including Sporty’s Health and Mr Supplement.

Any Guarantees Provided

There are none provided

Our Thoughts

A rather gentle formulation that can help users both with appetite suppressing and increasing fat burning.. its not as potent as other stimulant based fat burners, (containing only 149mg of caffeine per serving) which could make it suitable for anybody with a slight intolerance to caffeine and/or similar compounds.

One ingredient that did spark some interest is the inclusion of ID-aLG – an extract taken from brown seaweed. This plant is a great source of the essential trace elementiodine. Iodine deficiencies are common in Australia due to low levels in the soil, and having good iodine levels is very important for efficient functioning of the thyroid.

The thyroid has a huge influence on the body’s metabolism – A sluggish thyroid gland can cause lethargy and slow metabolism, and greatly increases the chance of putting on weight.

We understand that the dose in BSc HYdroxyburn accounts for around 30% of the recommended daily intake of Iodine.

Overall – It will without doubt provide some good benefits for some, but its not as powerful as other supplements.

Not All Fat Burners Are Created Equal, So Be Sure You Choose The Right One For YOU

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