CrazyBulk NO2-Max Review

CrazyBulk NO2-Max Review

Is Nitric Oxide Your Ultimate Muscle Building Tool?

If you’re a keen gym goer looking to pump up your muscle mass, you shouldn’t need telling about nitric oxide – this wonderstuff plays a key role in our ability to build up muscle, helping to open the blood vessels and sending huge volumes of oxygen, blood and nutrients straight to where it’s needed during workouts: your muscles.

What does this mean for you? Insane workouts as your stamina hits new levels, your fatigue drops and your strength rises – plus faster recovery that means you’re ready to go all over again before you know it!

NO2-Max by CrazyBulk claims to be a leading nitric oxide booster, harnessing the power of nitric oxide to deliver truly explosive workouts and unprecedented performance levels. But can this supplement really leave you ripped in no time? Let’s get to the facts.

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What’s In NO2-Max’s Formula?

Things are fairly simple in terms of what’s included in the formula – and fully disclosed by CrazyBulk, which is always a good sign in our book! Here’s what each serve contains:

  • L-arginine (1,800mg)
  • Calcium (80mg).

Directions For Use

Things are pretty manageable here – take two tablets daily with water; one with your first meal of the day and one with the last

Crazy Bulk says No2-Max is best taken for at least two months for best results, alongside a diet and exercise plan.

User Reviews

We have found some good praise for this supplement – we’ve tracked down reports of huge increases in energy, the ability to work much harder in the gym, Improved vascularity, powerful pumps, along with huge gains in strength and size and the ability to hit higher levels of intensity when working out. All sounds good to us!

It looks like it’s a case of so far, so good – we’ll keep this page updated as more feedback emerges, – good or bad!

Reported Side Effects

According to user reviews this supplement seems to be free from any unpleasant side effects, luckily.

Where To Buy Crazy Bulk NO2-Max In Australia

A one-month supply of NO2-Max shipped anywhere in Australia will cost you $82.95 when purchased directly from the manufacturer at If you strike while the iron’s hot, you’ll also get 20% off – And you can also benefit from their site wide offer of ‘buy 2 get 3′ but hurry, as these offers change all the time.

Cashback Guarantee

Crazybulk do provide a 14 day cash back guarantee, but this only applies to unopened products

Our Thoughts

There is no doubting the fact that Nitric Oxide is powerful tool in your bodybuilding arsenal, and Crazybulk NO2 Max will certainly deliver some noticeable energy boosts by increasing the levels of Nitric Oxide in your blood stream…. This will enable you to workout harder, and for longer, ultimately helping you to maximise the results..

Is it the best pre-workout supplement out there?? regretfully not in our opinion… Its going to help, there is no doubt with that, (and the fact that it can be safely stacked with other Crazybulk products is an added bonus) but if you want something that is better balanced (formula wise) and one that will deliver energy increases that are long lasting, we would have to recommend a product like 4gauge.

No2-Max isn’t a bad product, far from it, its just that we feel that there are better pre workout supplements out there..

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