Giant Sports Novedex Black Review

Giant Sports Novedex Black Review

Is This Supplement as Potent As The Makers Claim?

Novedex Black by Giant Sports is a power based testosterone support complex that is giant-sports-novedex-black.1426820229955designed to:

  • Optimise Testosterone Levels
  • Limit The Affects Of Estrogen
  • Enhance Nitric Oxide Production
  • Supports and Increases Muscle Mass, Strength, Recovery and General Performance

Claiming to be formulated with a research driven ingredient profile that offers ( the makers claim) maximum potency that gives you the best from your training..

The Formula In Novedex Black

The ingredient profile is fully disclosed… we know that each serving contains:

  • Lepimedium (maca) 300mg
  • Fenugreek 250mg
  • Bee Propolis ( Caffeic acid Ophenethyl ester) 150mg
  • Grape Seed ( Vitis Vinifera) 50mg
  • Ashwagandha 50mg

Directions For Taking Novedex Black

Take 1 scoop as directed in the morning 30 minutes after breakfast

Users Feedback

Very few reviews exist online.. we did find a couple that to be fair were reasonably positive, although it has to be said that they largely mention libido improvements and increased energy… there wasn’t any mention of increased muscle mass, or strength..

Reviews courtesy of xplosivesupplements


Reported Side Effects

There have been no reported adverse reactions by users of this product… there are a few mentions of the taste which isn’t ( we understand) too palatable…. we have to raise a concern however with one of the ingredients – Ashwagandha at certain doses has been found in some circumstances to cause redness, burning and irritation of the penis head..

Where To Buy Giant Sports Novedex Black

Available from many of the popular supplement stores.. mrsupplement, genesis, xplosive supplements to name a few.. prices start at around $69.95 for 28 servings

Any Cash Back Guarantees

The manufacturers do not appear to offer any guarantees… retailers themselves may offer their own guarantees/return policies

Our Thoughts

With some great claims, you could easily be persuaded to buy this supplement in the hope that it will provide you with a great boost to testosterone and all its associated benefits… after taking a good look at the formula, we are less convinced…..

Lepimedium ( Maca) clinical trials have shown, that although Maca can help to boost libido, anxiety, blood pressure,and sperm motility, it does not directly have any influence on testosterone levels.

Fenugreek – has been shown to help boost testosterone levels.. the only ingredient in the mix to have any real benefits

Bee Propolis – Honey Extract…will only help to boost testosterone when injected directly into the testicles..( we know !!!…) oral supplementation in any form isn’t readily absorbed by the body and quite simply is ineffective

Grape Seed – No known testosterone boosting properties, can be an effective anti-oxidant.. also thought to also help to treat coughs, haemorrhoids, constipation, and nausea..

Ashwaganda – has some documented uses in the improving of fatigue, seminal motility, anxiety, stress, and depression…. as far as testosterone boosting in concerned, it has no real documented  effects unless taken by infertile men, where it can help return levels to a baseline normal.. no actual testosterone boosting has ever been recorded.. has also been linked to the unpleasant side effect mentioned above..

Not That Effective – Unless Libido Is Your Main Concern.. Look Elsewhere

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