GNC PP Hybrid Test Complex Review

GNC PP Hybrid Test Complex

Just How Effective Is GNC PP Hybrid Test Complex ?

This product claims to support healthy testosterone levels with its simple but powerful formula, which consists of fenugreek extract and tribulus terestris. These ingredients also help users maintain lean muscle mass, boost energy and improve libido by promoting free testosterone in the body.

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GNC PP Hybrid Test Complex’s simple two-ingredient formula contains:

Testofen® fenugreek extract this works to promote testosterone levels, whilst boosting energy and libido. Each serving contains 5g.

Tribulus terestris – this ingredient, an Ayruvedi herb, is traditionally used to boost male physical functioning and libido. It may help strengthen male physiological functioning. Each serving contains 6.6g.

Taking GNC PP Hybrid Test Complex

Take three capsules daily.

User feedback

On GNC there are only 1 or 2 reviews, results are shall we say – ‘rather uninspiring’

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Any reported side effects

No Real Problems…Sone user reported a slight shaking effect when taking this supplement in the morning.

Where to buy GNC PP Hybrid Test Complex

This is a GNC LiveWell branded supplement, and can be purchased at It costs $89.95 for 90 capsules.

Any guarantees provided

None provided

Our Thoughts

This is product boasts a simple formula which many seem to think offers a good, basic introduction to testosterone boosters. What’s more, the company the manufactures the product, GNC LiveWell, is a trusted brand with a long history in Australia.

The product’s main shortcoming, however, is that tribulus terestris has actually failed on all counts in clinical trials to have any positive impact on testosterone levels, despite it being a key ingredient in many testosterone boosters.

We do wonder when manufacturers will stop trying to fool us all into believing that Tribulus Terrestris will boost testosterone…. despite it being found in over 80% of T boosters, the scientific facts are that it has failed miserably in numerous clinical trials to generate any increases in Testosterone whatsoever….If you ask any manufacturer to provide details of any trials that prove its ability.. they will NOT be able to supply any proof…. Yes sure, it does have some uses; in particular its ability to improve erections and sexual response, and if you are suffering in this department, this supplement could be of a slight benefit to you..

Fenugreek, on the other hand is one of the few ingredients that has demonstrated Testosterone boosting ability, and its inclusion certainly save the day to some extent… it is more efficient however, when mixed with other proven ingredients such as Vitamin D3, D-aspartic acid and the ZMA combination of Magnesium, Zinc and Vit B6.

Weak and Underpowered.. Could Suit Someone using Their First T Booster, But experienced bodybuilders will find this lacking on all levels

Not all testosterone boosters are created equal, with different brands seeing varying results amongst users.

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