Horleys Ripped Black

Horleys Ripped Black Fat Burner Review

Is Horleys Ripped Black The Answer To Shedding Fat?

 A powerful product from New Zealand, Ripped Black claims it will work to boost the metabolic rate, sharpen focus and increase fat oxidation. It delivers (The makers claim) a powerful combination of natural ingredients that create the ultimate exothermic ignitionrippedb system. The result? A more intense, energy-fuelled, fat burning workout for people who are committed to dropping fat.

 The Formula in Horleys Ripped Black

Ripped Black provides an intense energy boost with 100mg of caffeine in each capsule, derived from green coffee and tea. The fat burning formula also includes these key ingredients:

  • Guarana, which improves performance and focus whilst stimulating the metabolism
  • Citrus Aurantium (Bitter Orange) and Yerba Mate which work to speed up the metabolic rate
  • Garcinia quasita, which prevents carbohydrates from converting into fat
  • Capsicum, which boosts circulation and digestion
  • Tyrosine, which enhances energy and wellbeing
  • Chromium, which helps control blood sugar spikes

Taking Horleys Ripped Black

UnknownThere are different ways to take this supplement, depending on your end goal.

  • For a daily energy boost, take up to two capsules daily in the morning and afternoon
  • For weight management, take two capsules daily with a glass of water, one in the morning and one in the afternoon
  • To boost your workout, take one capsule before commencing exercise
  • For fat loss, take two capsule upon walking, and one before you workout

 Never take more than three capsules per day.

 User Feedback

Many users seem happy that the product provides just the right amount of energy without relying on stimulants, meaning that there are no negative side effects like headaches and jitters. Users seem to have had mostly positive experiences, losing fat and becoming leaner. Some people have also experienced a suppressed appetite, although this is not explicitly advertised as a benefit of the product.

Some people, however, have questioned the very small amounts of ingredients like Capsicum and Yerba Mate, and how effective these are in such small quantities.

Any Reported Side Effects

No Reported Side Effects…. As with all fat burners, it’s important not to overuse this supplement. Using the product in a monthly cycle can help reduce the likelihood of any side effects.

Where to Buy Horleys Ripped Black

This product can be purchased on a number of reputable websites, including Punch Supplements, Sporty’s Health and Mr Supplement.

It costs around $50 for 70 capsules.

Any Guarantees Provided

None provided

Our Thoughts

Not the strongest product on the market… delivering the equivalent of 100mg caffeine per dose, there are plenty of others out there that provide more of a thermogenic punch…that said quite a few users did find that it helped them to lose good amounts of unwanted fat, so it definitely will suit some users, especially when taken alongside a good workout schedule.

Our only concern is the inclusion of Bitter Orange ( Citrus Aurantium) in the mix.. a common replacement these days for the now banned Ephedra that was withdrawn for its well documented and potential life threatening side effects that included increased blood pressure, anxiety and increased risk of stroke and heart attack.. Citrus Aurantium ( or should we say its key compound Synephedrine), is very similar in its make up to Ephedra, many experts believe that it is liable to cause similar side effects, and the facts are that there has been very little clinical testing that involved human test subjects that prove or disprove its effects and benefits…

We Suggest

Horleys Ripped Black could certainly offer you some benefits, especially if you prefer to not take something packed with stimulants…. we do believe however that there are better products out there and have listed these on our Recommended Fat Burners Page.

The products listed all offer proven results, they use a fully disclosed formula and most do not cause any side effects whatsoever.

Some also offer the added benefit of a cash back guarantee that assures you of a full refund should ( after using as directed) you fail to see any results.

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