How To Increase Muscle Bulk

Natural Ways To Increase Your Bulk

Despite the popularity of artificial supplements and steroid injections to reach your bodybuilding aims, it is not only risky; shrunken testicles, heart conditions and liver failure; it is not a long-term solution.bodybuilding-workout

The best way to bulk up is through natural body building.  It may take longer but the benefits far outweigh any other method of bodybuilding. With the right diet and following the appropriate workout program you will find yourself reaching your goals faster than you imagined.

Vary Your Diet But Eat Sensibly 

Any aspiring bodybuilder needs to eat sensibly but also making sure it’s varied and well-balanced. A healthy bodybuilder’s diet should include plenty of fruit and veg, lean beef, eggs, chicken, nuts, whole grains and avocado. Protein is vital for building and repairing muscle, carbohydrates will give you the energy and stamina you need and the healthy fats for example found in the avocado will increase your testosterone levels.

Eat Little And Often 

Eating smaller portions but more frequently not only keeps hunger at bay it supplies the body with a constant stream of nutrients that will successfully help to boost your muscle building efforts. Eating every couple of hours will help to promote healthy and strong muscle growth.

Avoid Alcohol

Bodybuilders are always advised to consume as little alcohol as possible as it is proven that when consumed regularly it can hinder the production of testosterone. You should always keep well-hydrated and drink plenty of water which will help to boost muscle building and your training.

Do Plenty Of Compound Exercises 

Compound exercises make use of all of your muscles and joints which make them an integral part of any bodybuilders exercise regime. You will build bulk and strength a lot more quickly if you include at least a few of these in your exercise routine each week; shoulder and bench presses, deadlifts and squats.

Increase Resistance Training Slowly

testosterone-therapy-fbEach week you should aim to increase the weight you lift by up to 5-10%. This will increase your testosterone and help you to bulk up your muscles. The heavier the weight the bigger muscles you will build due to the increase in testosterone but it is important to start gradually and work your way up to heavier weights otherwise you risk injury.

Natural Testosterone Boosters

Natural herbal based testosterone boosters when taken in conjunction with your workouts can increase your results and encourage greater muscle mass. They can offer many benefits not just to muscle building but to your overall health too. They are also safe, free of side effects and legal, so they can be taken even before competitions and you would not be viewed as ‘cheating.’

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