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Hunter TEST Review : Is This Australia’s Top T-Booster Of 2020?

hunter TEST Australia

Whenever supplement manufacturers Roar Ambition release a new product the entire industry sits up and takes notice. The UK based company are already responsible for 3 of the best known bodybuilding supplements around today – 

Joining their existing global brands of Testofuel, Instant Knockout and 4 Gauge is Hunter, a 3 product range of supplements that encompasses, Fat Burning, Nootropics and the subject of this review – Testosterone Boosting.

They have just released into the Australian marketplace their all natural testosterone boosting supplement for the active man of today.

Its simply called Hunter TEST.

With most T-boosters being solely aimed at bodybuilders and active sportsmen, its refreshing to discover that TEST has been developed with the everyday man in mind.

Sure it will be great for bodybuilders, but you do not have to be a keen gym goer to benefit from its effects, It can help by:

  • Increasing natural energy levels – Don’t let your everyday life at home and work wear you down, Hunter TEST helps provide the energy you need to tackle and get the best out of every day.
  • Boosts General Health And Strength – Become and look fitter than you ever though possible, enabling you to be ahead of the game
  • Improves Drive – Increases your desire to succeed
  • Boosts Self Confidence – Be the one that takes charge – not a follower
  • Turbocharges libido – Perform and satisfy between the sheets – every time

You Can Find Out More At The Hunter Official Website

The Formula In Hunter TEST

The makers have done it again, they have harnessed the pure T-boosting power of 9 proven natural ingredients. Whats more they fully disclose the full details of the formula, there are no confusing proprietary blends here, you known exactly whats in every serving.

Heres what you get:

  • Vitamin D3 5000iu
  • Vitamin K2 150mcg
  • Magnesium 200mg
  • Zinc 30mg
  • D-ASpartic Acid 3000mg
  • Ashwagandha 100mg
  • Panax Ginseng 300mg
  • Indole-3-Carbinol 200mg
  • Boron 10mg

hunter TEST formula

How To Take Hunter TEST

  1. Directions For Taking Hunter Test

    The daily serving is 6 capsules per day – You can take them all together with breakfast, or if you prefer take 2 with each main meal, that way you are spread the nutrients throughout the day, and ensuring a steady flow of them into the body.

  2. How Long Should I Take Hunter Test For

    Hunter Test was developed to be taken for as long as you want to maintain your testosterone levels. Te makers do recommend that you take for at least 8 weeks for maximum results


hunter TEST reviews australia

Looking At 3 Of The Key Ingredients


D-Aspartic Acid – A key amino acid that has astounded researchers in clinical trials for its ability to boost testosterone levels by as much as 42%. 100% safe and effective, the DAA contained within TEST is of the purest form and also a fantastically potent dose at 3000mg.

vitamin d3

Vitamin D3 – A key factor in effective testosterone boosting, scientifically proven to reignite and increase natural testosterone production. Great for other health aspects too.


Indole-3-Carbinole – An area where many t-boosters let you down, this ingredient works to minimise the effects of estrogen – A potent testosterone killer that can cause the onset of fatigue, belly fat and man boobs. High levels of estrogen can also have a really detrimental effect on a mans sex drive and performance.

What Do Users Say?

As a new product, independent feedback is still a little hard to find. I was lucky enough to obtain an advance supply as part of this review process, and I can confirm that this produce really does have some potent effects

I have always kept myself pretty fit, yet after taking Hunter TEST for just 4 days, I felt more energised and able to get more done in the day.

I go to the gym a few times a week, and found that I was definitely able to workout for longer.

I managed to improve my bench and shoulder press by 20kg and 15kg respectively  – something that I had struggled to do for several months.

I also found that after about 10 days, I was getting some serious hard erections too – and my sexual performance has a new long lasting energy about it.

Overall I love it and have just ordered another 3 boxes.

Hunter Test FAQ

Q Who Makes Hunter Test?

A Hunter Test is made by respected supplement manufacturers Roar Ambition. They are globally recognised for their range of effective products that include Testofuel, Instant Knockout, Prime Male and 4 Gauge

Q Who is Hunter Test For?

A Any man aged 18-80 who wants to ensure that his testosterone levels are maintained at peak levels, helping them to keep optimum muscle mass, strength, energy, vitality and sex drive.

Q How Do I Take Hunter Test?

A The recommended dose is 6 capsules daily – always take with a large glass of water to help and speed absorption.

Q How many capsules in a bottle?

A Each bottle contains 180 capsules, thats a full 30 days supply

Q Is Hunter Test Safe?

A Yes, the formula is all natural and is free from side effects. All I would add to this is that if you are taking any long term medication, that you check with your doctor before taking Hunter Test OR in fact any supplement, just in case there could be an interaction with the drugs.

Q Do The Makers Ship Hunter Test Worldwide?

A Yes, with a few exceptions, Hunter Test is shipped worldwide on a daily basis, destinations include Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, The EU, Ireland, Asia and the US

Q I Am Older And Do Not Go The Gym, What Can Hunter Test Do For Me?

A Hunter Test is an all round T-booster, it is not especially for bodybuilders, it will help maximise testosterone production, helping to maintain muscle tone, energy, vitality and libido. It can also help to control body fat

Where To Buy Hunter Test In Australia

hunter official website

You can buy Hunter TEST direct from the official website (click here)

A months supply will cost you AU$100.00 plus a small shipping charge

If you buy 2 or more bottles you can save money –

BUY 3, and you get a 4th Bottle FREE plus FREE worldwide shipping too

TEST review

My Thoughts On Hunter TEST

I have tried many supplements over the years, but any product from Roar Ambition needs special attention. They have proven themselves to be a first class manufacturer who supply well researched, cleverly developed and formulated products that deliver on their claims.

Sure they are not the cheapest products out there, but when has cheap ever been best?

Its mix of those 9 key ingredients deliver potent benefits by the bucketload and I for one can personally vouch for its benefits and effects

Whats more, their three products in the range have been developed to be taken alongside each other so you can stack the together with no worries.

Bottom Line – If you think your testosterone levels could do with a boost, you don’t have to be a keen gym goer or athlete, give Hunter TEST a try – you will not regret it!

Click Here To Go To The Official Hunter Website

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