Increase Testosterone Simply And Naturally

Increasing Testosterone To Build Muscle

Testosterone is the naturally occurring hormone that is responsible for controlling the sex drive in men and women, though the level of testosterone in women is much lower.

Testosterone helps us maintain healthy muscle mass and growth, general development and1a7 strength and controls our sex drive and sexual stamina.

Our production of Testosterone gradually depletes as we get older which is why men often find they can gain weight or lose their muscle tone and their skin is not quite so taut and toned as it used to be. Many also suffer from reduced sex drive.

Bodybuilders require testosterone for strong muscle mass and some resort to dangerous methods of obtaining it, testosterone in its pure form is illegal due to the harmful side effects that can occur. Luckily, there are natural alternatives that bodybuilders can use to help kick-start their own natural supply of testosterone that include;

Increase Your Vitamin B Intake

Vitamin B is vitally important for boosting testosterone. You can easily obtain Vitamin B supplements from supermarkets and chemists that contain Vitamin B6, Vitamin B5 and Vitamin B12.

But the best and most natural source of Vitamin B is from what you eat. Foods rich in Vitamin B include oily fish, avocado, wheat germ and eggs. By including these foods in your diet you can dramatically increase your testosterone levels in no time at all.

Take More Zinc

Zinc is renowned for nourishing sperm and helping to produce testosterone. If your body lacks zinc, you will more than likely experience low sex drive, reduced semen production and quality and lack of muscle tone. Bodybuilders without adequate zinc in their diets will find building muscle will take a long time. Great sources of Zinc consist of shellfish, oysters, prawns, wheatgerm and veal.

Regular Weight Training

200307621-001Regular weight training will help you to boost your testosterone levels and maintain them.  Weight gain is associated with higher levels of oestrogen in the body, the more testosterone you have, the less body fat you will store and the greater muscle mass you will be able to build.

Long-distance running, resistance training and intensive weight lifting when performed regularly can increase your natural production of testosterone as well as helping you stay fit and get the physique you desire.

Reduce Your Amount Of Processed Food

A diet rich in fatty, sugary and greasy foods not only has an effect on your sex drive it can slow down the muscle building process by increasing your oestrogen production.  A well-balanced diet and the appropriate exercise program supplemented by a natural testosterone booster can help you build strong, solid, muscle.

Choosing A Testosterone Booster

A high quality testosterone booster that contains natural herbal ingredients can safely encourage the body’s own production of testosterone and help grow stronger, larger muscles without the dangerous side effects of steroids and hormone injections.

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