Jay Cutler Big T Review

Jay Cutler Big T

Does Jay Cutler Big T Live Up To Its Own Hype?

This product claims that it helps guys to boost testosterone levels whilst also minimising estrogen – the bodybuilder’s worst enemy. When consumed alongside a comprehensive diet and exercise program, Jay Cutler Big T can ( it is claimed) improve muscle mass and strength, boost energy levels and mood and change the way fat is distributed across the body. By improving testosterone levels, this supplement helps users tap into their true JAY-CUTLER-BIG-Tpotential and really optimise workouts .

The Formula in Jay Cutler Big T

This testosterone booster contains a scientifically-tested formula. This includes:

  • Zinc aspartate- 15mg

Big T Matrix – 1670mg: this is an undisclosed proprietary blend that contains unknown amounts of:

  • L-aspartic acid,
  • Turmeric,
  • Yerba mate,
  • Stinging nettle
  • Ginger.

However, the specific quantities of each of these ingredients are not disclosed online, so it’s impossible to know if they are included in high enough quantities to have a notable effect on testosterone levels.

Other ingredients include maltodextrin, natural and artificial flavours, citric acid, silica, acesulfame K, sucralose, and FD&C red o 40.

Taking Jay Cutler Big T

JAY_CUTLER_BIG_TThis product is taken once a day, at the same time each day, on a full stomach. Users should mix one scoop with 240ml of water or other cold beverage.

It is recommended to take this product in cycles of 4-8 consecutive weeks, with a four week gap in between. Never take for longer than eight consecutive weeks.

User Feedback

People have stated muscle tightness, firming and improved energy as key selling points of this supplement, enabling people to get more out of their workouts. People are also largely happy with the taste and consistency of the product. On the downside, some users have failed to see any benefits whatsoever, so as far as users are concerned – its about 50/50

A key criticism of this supplement, however, is that the stated dose is not high enough, and that some ingredients found in the proprietary blend are not used in high enough doses to be effective – this is why some people recommend doubling the dose.

The caffeine content of key ingredient yerba mate could also a problem for people seeking a stimulant-free testosterone booster.


Any Reported Side Effects

The inclusion of yerba mate means that the supplement gives users a caffeine-driven energy boost which in some users can cause restlessness, the shakes or jitters.

Where to buy Jay Cutler Big T

In Australia and New Zealand, Jay Cutler Big T can be purchased at GNClivewell.com.au, Mr Supplement, Vitamin King, Nutrition Warehouse and a range of other reputable retailers. It costs around $60 for 28 servings.

Any Guarantees Provide

None provided

Our Thoughts

In our opinion, the formula is not particularly well thought out.. sure it delivers some good levels of Zinc which is crucial to testosterone production, and stinging nettle has positive effects with regards to SHBG so another plus point there.

Users will no doubt get an energy boost from the Yerba Mate in the mix, but we do question the inclusion of L-Aspartic acid.. While it can isomerise into the D-aspartic acid form, this is a rather inefficient reaction. Including active D-Aspartic acid instead would have been a far better choice, and would have yielded better results overall.

Overall the formula is ( in our opinion) decidedly lacking in proven ingredients…. even adding Magnesium and Vitamin B6 would have been a start – at least then the product would have contained the full ZMA combination

Overall, We find it hard to recommend Big T.. it could suit some users,, but we believe that it does not offer experienced guys enough punch…

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