Max’s The Gear T-Booster Review

Max’s The Gear T-Booster Review

Does The Gear Deliver The Goods?

Thinking that a T booster might help you take your muscle building mission? Or maybe you umm-ed and ahhhh-ed and ended up choosing a testosterone supplement that isn’t quite delivering the goods? Either way, we’re here to help. 

Today we take a look at The Gear by supplement manufacturer’s Max’s. This supplement is specifically formulated for men looking to build or maintain muscle mass and keep high strength levels and libido in the face of dwindling testosterone.

Purporting to possess a ‘high potency testosterone stimulating formula’, The Gear claims to help spike maximum natural levels of Free Testosterone and maintain these levels for as long as possible – enabling you to soar through workouts with unparalleled energy and drive… and reap the rewards!

Let’s evaluate this, cutting-edge hormone support to see if it delivers.

The Gear’s Formula

There’s a stack of different blends ingredients and blends in the mix here – in fact, we’re surprised that the manufacturer has managed to fit so many ingredients into one supplement!

Here’s what you’re looking at:

  • Testosterone boosting blend (900mg) – tribulus terrestris (60% saponins 20% protodioscin). Commonly thought to be linked to heightened testosterone production.
  • Bulbine natalensis powder (250mg) –this African herb has proven to both up circulating testosterone and lower estrogen levels.
  • Fadogia agrestis powder (250mg) – a herbal compound that has performed well in trials when boosting testosterone and heightening libido.
  • Epimedium (250mg) – commonly known as horny goat weed, this increases testosterone and libido.

Estrogen Suppression Blend:

  • DIM (150mg) – a powerful regulator of aromatase enzymes
  • Maca Root (150mg) – helps maintain free testosterone by balancing its conversion to estrogen
  • White mushroom extract (150mg) – also inhibits the aromatase enzyme to stop testosterone from breaking down into estrogen.
  • Trans Resveratrol (150mg) – boosts testosterone and block the action of the aromatase enzyme

Directions For Use 

Take 1-2 servings of three capsules, each day.

This should be taken either with breakfast or before going to sleep, with the second taken 1-2 hours before training, with water. The manufacturer recommends that for best results, this supplement is taken on a 4-6 week on, two week off cycle.

User Reviews

This product isn’t exactly swamped with user reviews, but of the ones that we have found, some are pretty positive.. Reports of soaring energy levels, ability to build muscle mass, finding it easier to feel toned and tight and easily doing more reps in the gym are all regularly cited, as well as noticeable improvements in libido.

On the flip side, there are an almost equal number of reports of little or no results from very unhappy users.

Reported Side Effects

While we haven’t managed to unearth any real life reports of negative or unpleasant side effects, it is worth bearing in mind that one of the ingredients in The Gear, Fadogia Agrestis powder, appears to be possibly toxic to the liver. This is a major red light for us, we’re afraid.

Where To Buy The Gear

You can buy The Gear from a stack of reputable manufacturers, including, and At the latter, The Gear costs $69.99 for a tub of 120 capsules.

Cashback Guarantee?

We can’t find any mention of a cashback guarantee on the manufacture’s website..

Our Thoughts

Taking a good look at the formula in ‘The Gear’ this product does appear to be largely geared towards libido than muscle boosting, take its main ingredient – Tribulus Terrestris, a well known libido boosting ingredient, but as a testosterone booster, it has failed miserably on every level in numerous clinical tests and trials to provide even a hint of  boost of testosterone.. Epimedium is another classic libido booster..and of course there is the possible toxicity to the liver linked to Fadogia Agrestis.

Quite frankly there is precious little in the mix that has shown any solid testosterone boosting properties whatsoever…

It really depends on your requirements really, if lack of libido is a concern, then this will surely help somewhat, however if you are seriously looking to build some larger muscles, then you will be (in our opinion) left disappointed and frustrated..

We suggest that you have a look at our top testosterone boosters page… The products featured here all provide excellent results, use fully disclosed and proven formulas and also as an added bonus, all provide lengthy cash back guarantees.

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