MDrive Classic Review

MDrive Classic Testosterone Booster

Will It Deliver True Increases In Testosterone?

MDrive Classic is one of the most advertised testosterone booster in the world..  Claimed by the makers to rejuvenate sex drive, increase stamina and strength, giving us back the energy we enjoyed when we were young.

If this product can actually do what it promises, it is little wonder that it is so popular.mdrive-classic-big-box

Does MDrive Classic Live Up To The Hype??

It is marketed as a natural testosterone booster that has been tested in clinical trials to improve testosterone levels in the body..  The formula, according to the makers, has been proven to improve cardiovascular health and greatly increase stamina, strength and vitality.

What’s In The Formula

Refreshingly, the full ingredient list is disclosed.  So many companies do not give the full low down on the formula. The familiar terms we usually see are ‘ complexes or blends’.

Each dose contains:

  • Cordyceps 475mg
  • American Ginseng 45mg
  • Vitamin B12 120mcg
  • Fenugreek Seed 600mg
  • Maca Etract 65mg
  • Damiana Extract 45mg
  • Maitake Extract 95mg

MDrive_Classic_-_Google_SearchHow To Take MDrive

The makers suggest taking one capsule in the morning and one in the afternoon, best taken with food.

Consumer Feedback

As to be expected, the official website is packed with positive reviews… other more independent  sources beg to differ with some showing very disappointing results..

Reported Side Effects

AS the review below shows, one user found that he suffered from dizziness and low blood sugar after taking Mdrive Classic.. Other users report sickness and stomach problems.

One review courtesy of Amazon..



Where To Buy MDrive In Australia

MDrive Classic can be purchased from the official website..  Its also readily available from outlets such as GNC and Amazon.

You can expect to pay from $44.99 upwards.

A 60 day cash back guarantee is provided by the makers when buying direct..  Whether this only applies to orders from elsewhere or even for opened packages is not clear.

Our Verdict

MDrive Classic certainly looks good at first glance when you see how the product has been marketed. However the simple truth is that nearly every ingredient in the formula has no proven evidence that they will improve testosterone levels..  Just two ingredients have been shown to give positive results when studied in trials.  These are Vitamin B and Fenugreek.

The majority of the remaining ingredients have been tested only on lab rats, any that were tested on humans failed to provide any positive results that would show a real improvement in testosterone levels.  It could help to increase sex drive in some users but the about all this offers.

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