Mondia Whitei Testosterone Booster

Mondia Whitei : Exciting Aphrodisiac And Testosterone Booster?

Over the past 10 years or so, I have always been on the look out for the next best thing when it comes to boosting testosterone and performance. 

Science never rests as we all know and I got rather excited when I heard about recent clinical studies on a relatively unknown natural plant extract coming from Africa.

mondia whitei mondulo

The plant extract is called Mondia Whitei (aka Molundo or Gondolosi). 

It is commonly found in tropical parts of Africa and has a long history of traditional tribal use for the treatment of various health issues, largely fertility and libido problems, but also in the treatment of diarrhea, jaundice and headaches.

Belonging to the periplocacea family of plants, it is a hardy, woody climbing plant with a tuberous root system and red/white flowers. Its use dates back many hundreds of years, the extract taken from the root has been used primarily as an aphrodisiac and to treat erectile dysfunction. Its aqueous extract can also be used.

Until quite recently, it was only known and heard of locally, but science has now recognised its potential, and in a relatively short period of time has actually built some solid scientific evidence from clinical studies backing up its reported libido boosting, aphrodisiac abilities.

Any Aphrodisiac tends to work in one of 3 ways:

  • They improve potency of erections
  • They boost libido
  • They Improve sperm motility and function

Erection Potency

For an aphrodisiac to boost erection potency, it needs to boost the blood flow to the penis, this works by vasodilation.

In simple terms it relaxes and dilates the tissues in the corpus cavernosum (the chambers within the penis) allowing them to fill with increased amounts of blood, and swell to provide a solid erection. 

The drug Viagra (sildenafil) works in a similar way. The trouble is with Viagra is that it has a number of well documented side effects, some men can suffer from heart problems, headaches, and vision problems.

Mondia Whitei has been proven to replicate the effects of Viagra with the unpleasant side effects. It boosts blood flow and ensures that the resulting erection is solid and long lasting.

Boosts Libido

A product that boosts libido can do so by working on the central nervous system, they can either alter key neurotransmitter in the body, or increase production of key sex hormones (Testosterone being the main one).

These can be effective in both sexes, but because the main effects centred around the increase in testosterone, it does appear to more effective in men.

Studies involving wistar rats have clearly showed that supplementing with Mondia Whitei will provide a significant increase in both serum and testicular testosterone.

It also helps boost the size of the testes and improves sperm motility – both secondary proof of increased sex hormone production.

Without any doubt, the use of Mondia Whitei has shown beyond any doubt that it does initiate an increase in testosterone release. 

“This is great news for anybody who has libido issues, OR who is looking to increase testosterone production to aid muscle growth”

Sperm Motility And Function

Mondia Whitei has also demonstrated in clinical trials that it can help boost sperm motility, treating conditions such as asthenozoospermia and erector dysfunction

mondia whitei supplement

Mondia Whitei In Supplement Form

Its only been in the past year or so that some forward thinking manufacturers have followed these scientific studies and based on the results have extracted and produced supplements based on this amazing ingredient.

One forward thinking manufacturer who currently leads the field and who have made a first class pure and natural Mondia Whitei supplement is US based Timeless Botanicals. 

Using a simple, formula, that is both pure, and 100% natural with no additives whatsoever, their product called Timeless Botanicals Mulondo Mondia Whitei delivers a potent 600mg of this extract per daily serving.

Initial feedback from users is all first class, with reports of increased testosterone and a very welcome boosting libido.

There is no doubting its effectiveness. And I believe that we will be seeing it appear in a lot more products in the near future.

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