MuscleWerks D-Fine8 Fat Burner Review

MuscleWerks D-Fine8 Zero

Just How Much Fat Can MuscleWerks D-Fine8 Zero Burn?

A complete blend, new improved MuscleWerks D-Fine8 Zero contains a combination of powerful ingredients that the makers tell us are scientifically proven to facilitate fat loss and appetite suppression.

This new sugar free formula works to provide the body with vital dfine8_zero_tropical_punch_1antioxidants, while increasing lean muscle tissue, improving body composition, lowering blood sugar levels and attacking fat, particularly on the belly.

MuscleWerks D-Fine8 zero fat burner also provides ( the makers claim) an unparalleled energy boost, enabling users to take their workout to the next level.

It is available in 14 flavours including

  • Green Apple
  • strawberry
  • Fruit Punch
  • Watermelon
  • Grape
  • Pineapple
  • Mango

 The Formula in MuscleWerks D-Fine8 Zero

MuscleWerks D-Fine8 Zero fat burner contains an undisclosed combination of ingredients, with thermogenic compounds that (in the right quantities) are renowned in the supplement industry for their potency. Its signature blend C-LesstrA contains a combination of high linoleic acid (HLA) and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), and the formula also includes a number of natural ingredients with various weight loss properties.

dfineThese includes guarana, which maintains energy levels and provides a buzz with its natural caffeine, and green tea, which maximizes energy use by activating fat oxidation pathways. Hoodia extract is another incredibly powerful tool in MuscleWerks D-Fine8’s arsenal, which works to curb the appetite and manage cravings.

Taking MuscleWerks D-Fine8 Zero

Simply take one scoop mixed with water 20 minutes prior to working out.

User Feedback

This is a popular product that many users seem happy with. Some seem particularly impressed with the supplement’s ability to stop cravings and suppress the appetite, and some have seen impressive fat loss whilst using the product is conjunction with a healthy diet and fitness programme. At the other and of the scale, some fail to see any positive results at all..

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Any reported Side Effects

There do not appear to be any side effects associated with MuscleWerks D-Fine8

Where to Buy MuscleWerks D-Fine8 Zero

MuscleWerks D-Fine8 zero can be purchased online at retailers including Amazon, GNC and Sporty’s Health. This supplement costs around $80 AUD for 30 serves.

Any Guarantees Provided

None provided

Our Thoughts

Overall, MuscleWerks D-Fine8 zero contains a good mix of ingredients that according to many users will help deliver an excellent boost in energy that will help your workouts….

As a fat burner/appetite suppressant its hard to make a final decision on its effectiveness, users feedback is mixed and when we look at these reviews, the effects do not seem to be that great.. It does have some proven stimulant ingredients, that should increase metabolism and trigger fat burning, the only issue here is that the makers have been rather coy about sharing the full ingredient profile with us.. we have no idea just how much of any of the key fat burning ingredients are in the mix.

On another concern, the inclusion of both Hoodi and Citrus Aurantium do give us a slight worry.. Hoodia is an effective appetite suppressing compound, but certain health concerns have led it being banned in the UK and the EU.. currently it is still allowed to be sold in Australia but just the fact that it is banned elsewhere concerns us..

Citrus Aurantium ( Synephedrine) is a replacement for the now banned Ephedra.. it provides similar effects to the illegal compound, but the facts are that there has been limited testing on synephedrine and its true effects on the human body are still relatively unknown..

Overall – As An Energy Booster Its Pretty Good.. As A Fat Burner Its Not So Effective – Could Work For Some

We do believe that there are some better products out there – Just as you take the time to prepare your diet and exercise regime, you need to carefully consider all you options before choosing a weight loss supplement.

We have reviewed many of the popular fat burners available here in Australia and from these reviews have compiled our list of those that we believe offer the best results, with the minimal risk of any side effects… some in our list also provide a cash back guarantee that assures buyers of a full refund if dissatisfied with the results.

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