Performer 8 Review: Does It Provide Real Benefits Without Any Side Effects?

Performer 8 Review: Does It Provide Real Benefits Without Any Side Effects?

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Performer 8 is an all natural male health supplement that is naturally formulated with an all natural blend of proven natural ingredients that help to restore sexual performance, energy and stamina, and boost both erection strength and staying power. But whats the deal here, is it worth the money, are there any risks or side effect that we need to be aware of?

Performer 8 Is an all natural libido booster for men

Any man at any age can experience a down turn in sexual performance, often an inability to perform happens just when you don’t need it, like taking a new partner to bed for the first time.

There are other reasons for an inability to perform – stress, tiredness, anxiety as well as other health issues can all affect a mans ability to perform in the bedroom.

Discuss this with any doctor and they are more than likely to prescribe you with that well known little blue pill. Now while these are known to be effective in the short term, there is no doubting the fact that they do cause some nasty side effects, some that far outweighs the benefits of taking them.

There is a massive number of male enhancement supplements out there, but performer 8 appears to be head and shoulders above most there products.

Its formulated with a proven, all natural blend of improve libido enhancing ingredients that work together to safely boost erection strength and longevity, aid sexual performance and ultimately boost your enjoyment and confidence in the bedroom.

Bottom line if your sex life is floundering, then Performer 8 Could be just what you ( and your partner) need

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What Is Performer 8?

Performer 8 is a naturally formulated libido booster, it basically provides the same benefits as well known blue all drugs but without the side effects and health risks.

It provides 8 benefits and in doing so, revitalises male sex drive and performance.

It has been touted as the “relationship saver” in some media publications.

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The 8 Ways In That Performer 8 Helps Are:

Revitalises sexual prowess and stamina

Performer 8 has been formulated to help boost sexual stamina and staying power by boosting focus and performance in the bedroom – This helps you to satisfy your partner fully.

Skyrockets Sexual Desire and Responses

We can all develop a low libido for many reasons, the nature formula in Performer8 boosts sexual responses and your sexual appetite

Boosts Testosterone

Testosterone is the main male sex hormone. As we get older our natural levels tend to deplete which can cause reduced libido and sexual responses. 

The formula in Performer 8 helps to replace our natural testosterone production, this in turn improves fertility, desire and performance.

Prevent You Climaxing Too Quickly

Many men experience premature ejaculation at some point in their lives. If its an occasional thing then can often be laughed off, but if it becomes the ‘norm’ it can really harm a relationship.

Performer 8 helps to boost blood flow, and aid control over their ejaculations.

Boost Erection Strength And Size

By boosting the amount of blood flowing into the penis, erections gained while taking Performer 8 are visibly larger and thicker. Added to this, they are generally longer lasting too which provides the ultimate enjoyment for both your partner and you.

Boosts Sexual Focus

Whatever you believe, the fact is that men are not always ready for sex at the drop of a hat – add age into the equation too and it becomes even more common as we reach 40 and older.

Performer 8 uses potent natural ingredients to boost desire, focus and support a healthy sex drive.

Boosts Sperm Motility And Volume

The ingredients in Performer 8 not only boost and increase erections and sexual performance, they also help provide the correct hormonal environment for maximum semen production. This means that ejaculations are noticeably more powerful with larger amounts of ejaculate and increased semen volume and better sperm motility. Aside from noticeably more powerful orgasms, the increase semen volume can help anybody trying for a child.

Improves Self Confidence

With all the benefits listed above, men generally feel better about themselves , and with this feeling comes improved self confidence

Whats In The Formula In Performer 8?

The Formula In Perfomer 8 Is Clinically Approved

The resulting formula was developed after many hours of intensive research and development by the team at Performer 8. 

After taking into account medical studies and scientific trials the resulting formula was compiled and its a corker! 

Each ingredient plays a crucial part in the boosting of libido, sexual response and performance.

The nine ingredients in Performer 8 are as follows:

Muira Pauma – commonly called ‘potency wood’ for it’s natural ability to boost erection strength and staying power. It boosts blood flow and desire.

Ashwagandha KSM-66 – the most powerful version of this clinically proven natural compound. It has been proven to be effective at boosting testosterone production, decreasing stress levels and enhance overall performance

Maca – one of the best known and most effective of all natural aphrodisiac ingredients. Native to the mountains of Peru, it has been proven over many hundreds of years to be an effective libido booster and as an erection enhancing compound

Ferrous Bisglycinate – a gentle form of iron that is easy to digest and absorb. It helps to support and improve a healthy blood flow which is essential for powerful and long lasting erections

Panax Ginseng – Used in traditional medicine for centuries, it is a proven libido booster, increasing erections, penetration and overall performance.

Grape Seed Extract – a proven anti oxidant that helps to increase the natural evens of nitric oxide in the blood flow. This relaxes the blood vessels, allowing for more blood to flow through the veins which in turn improves reception size and power.

Horny Goat Weed – contains a substance called Icarrin – a naturally occurring libido booster that boosts blood flow and encourages a healthy sexual response. It is also good at reducing a compound called PDE5 that reduces erections

Pine Bark Extract – Clinically studied and proven to help boost sexual performance and overall satisfaction – this is particularly effective in men suffering with problem such as diabetes.

Glucuronolactone – helps alleviate stress and help protect the blood vessels. this costs circulation and assist in making erections stronger, and longer lasting.

Proven To Work

With so many products on the market place, its not easy to separate the good from the bad.

Performer 8 is a product to be trusted, its formula has been subjected to some intense studies and trials and is only product of its type to only include clinically approved ingredients in its formulation.

(1) As a few examples, one study involving 45 men saw that when they took Panax ginseng for 8 weeks saw a massive improvement in erection strength, hardiness, penetration and longevity

(2) Another study saw men taking pine bark extract  – 22% saw an increase in erection function and overall satisfaction, in men with diabetes the results were even better with over 45% reporting improvements in sexual function.

(3) A double blind study involving men who took Muira Pauma for 2 weeks saw improved libido in 62% of all test subjects.

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Does Performer 8 Cause Any Side Effects?

Performer 8 is not just impressively effective, it is also safe from any unwanted side effects.

Its all natural ingredient profile is safe to take and will not cause any adverse effects or reactions.

“Just One Proviso – If you are taking any long term medication its always best to consult with your Doctor  before taking this or in fact any natural supplement”

How Long Does Performer 8 Take To Work?

The effects of natural supplements and how long they take to work will vary from person to person. Age, genetics and even environmental factors will have some effect.

On average, most men see some improvements after about 14 days, but it can take between 30 and 60 days to enjoy all the benefits that this supplement provides

Given the fact that the formula is all natural and clinically proven it’s likely that most of you will see some improvements quite quickly.

Where To Buy Performer 8

The Performer 8 website accepts orders worldwide

We have no doubt in our minds that Performer 8 is the most effective all round  male libido booster available.

If you are experiencing weak or non existent erections or just a lack of performance, this can certainly help you.

To order, simply head over to the official website and choose one of these packages:

  • One month supply AU$79.99
  • Two months ( and get one free) AU$159.99 ( which works out at AU$ 53.33 per bottle
  • Three Months ( and get another three bottles free) for AU$239.99 which works out at AU $39.99 per bottle

Buyers can choose to pay in their preferred local currency, options currently available include CAD, AUD, GBP, EUR and of course USD

The makers ship all orders world-wide FOR FREE and you also get the benefit and protection of an all inclusive lifetime cash back guarantee.

This simply means that you can get a full refund on your purchase if after taking as directed are not simply blown away by the results.

To Sum Up

If you are a man aged 18-80 and you are experiencing any problems in the bedroom department then Performer 8 is the product for you. 

Its clean, all natural formula is completely free from any side effects and its documented benefits and results help you to perform in the bedroom like you have never done before.

“Your partner will love you for it!”

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