PES Erase Pro Review

PES Erase Pro Review

Marketed as the perfect hardening supplement that takes your gains to the highest level.. PES Erase Pro is a naturally formulated post cycle therapy supplement that (its makers tell us) will help maintain elevated testosterone levels, keep unwanted estrogen at bay and help to give you that ‘chiselled, defined look that is so in demand especially during those hot pes-erase-pro.1426809748944summer (shirtless) months

Whats In The Mix

As with all our product reviews, we like to have a good look at the formula as this is an effective and the quickest way to determine just how good a product could be.

PES Erase Pro contains the following per serving (5.9g in total)

  • Sodium 442mg

Plus undisclosed amounts of:

  • D-Aspartic acid
  • Agmatine Sulphate
  • Abieta-8 11,13-trien-18-oic acid
  • Boerhaavia Diffusa
  • Uncaria Tomentosa


Mix one scoop with 250ml of cold water and drink after breakfast – do not take no more than 1 scoop per day

Users Feedback

Very little customer feedback is available… so its very hard to judge

Reported Side Effects

We did uncover some reports that some users suffered from dry or achy joints…. there were also some reports of moodiness and increased acne… a few users also told us that it increased water retention.

Where To Buy PES Erase Pro

Available from a number of sources including the official PES website.. Here in Australia, we found that appears to be the main source..

They sell a months supply ( 30 servings) for $69.95 ( usual price $74.95) and whats more they do offer a cash back guarantee ( that is however subject to terms and conditions)

Our Thoughts

Some pretty unusual ingredients in the mix here….. to be honest nothing aside from the D-aspartic acid has any real and proven t-boosting properties…

Boerhaavia Diffusa is actually used as an anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory treatment and it does also have some mild anti-estrogen properties… it has also shown that in test mice it can reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol (but it has not been tested on humans)

Abieta-8 11,13-trien-18-oic acid (AKA Dehydroabietic acid) is another powerful anti estrogenic compound…. in truth however it has not got much human testing behind it… it is also rumoured to be quite effective at treating diabetes.. another random fact is that It has been shown to reduce fertility in fish, but wether this would be replicated in humans is unknown.

Uncaria Tomentosa (AKA Cats Claw) is commonly used to treat symptoms of arthritis, it also has reported (but unproven) benefits in the treatment of digestive disorders, shingles, HIV, fatigue, asthma, hay fever and certain STD’s… There is no information anywhere that confirms either its testosterone boosting or any anti-estrogen properties. … quite frankly, we have no idea why this is in the mix..

Offers Very Little…. Look Elsewhere Thats Our Recommendation

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