T- 40 Xenamax Review

T-40 Xenamax

Can You Boost testosterone levels with T-40 Xenamax?

Featuring (the makers claim) high performance levels of scientifically-proven testosterone boosting compounds, T-40 Xenamax supports the body’s natural production of testosterone. This product works in conjunction with the body’s natural processes to produce the best possible results.

The Formula in T-40 Xenamax

Each capsule of T-40 Xenamax contains the followings ingredients:main_204

  • Tribulus terrestris extract – 800g
  • Standardised protodioscin – 320mg
  • Cissus quadrangularis extract – 400mg
  • Urtica dioica extract – 400mg

Taking T-40 Xenamax

Take four capsules daily, either all together or in two lots – one with breakfast and one 30 minutes before working out.

User Feedback

There is little feedback available on this product. Some users maintain that Xenamax T-40 is in a different league to other boosters containing tribulus terrestris as the particular strain it uses has a 200:1 standardised extract yielding, 90% saponins and a large 40% Protodioscin content.

However, in clinical trials Tribulus Terrestris has failed on all counts to boost testosterone levels in any way, so it’s unlikely that this claim has much factual grounding.

Any Reported Side Effects

None Reported

Where to buy T-40 Xenamax

This product is available from GNClivewell.com.au and costs $105 for 120 capsules.

Any Guarantees Provided

None provided

Our Thoughts

This has to be one of the most expensive Tribulus Terresris based T-boosters we have ever come across… and for what?? Its a scientific fact that Tribulus has failed repeatedly in clinical trials to yield any worthwhile increases in testosterone…. quite simply it does not work....

It does have some uses in that it can help boost libido, so for some users it could be useful but as for muscle building or anything related to testosterone – forget it..

Looking through the other ingredients in the formula:

Protodioscin – a compound linked to Tribulus Terrestris.. in human trials it has failed to demonstrate any prove T boosting abilities

Cissus Quadrangularis – can be effective at reducing joint pain and inflammation, but clinical trials have shown that it can actually increase estrogen levels – the enemy of testosterone and should ideally be avoided

Urtica Dioca – AKA Stinging nettle extract, inconclusive evidence in trials, but it can help with testosterone levels in other ways as it has a positive effect on sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG)

Hard To Recommend – Expensive and Undoubtedly Ineffective!

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