Elemental Massive Muscle Fuel 2.0 Review

Elemental Massive Muscle Fuel 2.0 Review

Interesting Concept, But Does It Actually Deliver On Its Promises? 

Muscle Fuel 2.0 is the latest version of Elemental Massive’s popular T booster… Referred to by the manufacturers as the strongest legal alternative to anabolic steroids available today..elemental-nutrition-massive-muscle-fuel-hardcore.1357772771812

Suitable for use as a standalone testosterone booster or during PCT. The new ‘improved formula’ promises to deliver massive gains in muscle and strength, plus all the other benefits of increased testosterone – reduced body fat, better sleep, along with a massive boost to sex drive.

The Ingredients In Elemental Massive Muscle Fuel 2.0

The formula is supplied in liquid form.. which makes it totally different to many boosters out there..

the supplement is supplied as a proprietary blend, which to be honest is a shame.. while we know whats in the formula, the makers do not readily advertise the actual amounts of each ingredient per dose..

The formula includes

  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Protodioscin
  • Arginine HCL
  • Methoxy-7-Isoflavone
  • Bulbine
  • Diadzein
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Zinc
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin B6

Elemental_Nutrition_Massive_Muscle_Fuel_2_0_-_MRSUPPLEMENT_COM_AUTaking Elemental Massive Muscle Fuel 2.0

The suggested dose is 10ml each day – 30 minutes before food or exercise

Cycle for 8 weeks on with 2 weeks off.

Users Feedback

The official website is full of glowing reviews ( as you would expect) looking at more independent review sites, the picture is nowhere as rosy…. yes some users did experience a boost in libido and some mild energy gains, but nothing even close to the over hyped promises made by the manufacturer

Virtually all users agreed that the drink tastes disgusting…. in fact most users ended up diluting it with juice to make it more palatable..

Where To Buy Massive Fuel 2.0

Available for various online sources throughout Australia… Mr supplement.com.au sell 285ml ( a 28 day supply) for $69.95.. there is also a bulk pack containing 100 days supply for $229.95

Does Muscle Fuel 2.0 Come With A Guarantee?

Rather surprisingly for a product of this price, there are no official guarantees offered.. some stockists may have their own guarantees….

Our Thoughts

Right where do we start????…. 

On paper this product certainly talks the talk… but when you take a critical and unbiased look at the formula ( aside from the fact that we do not even know how much of each ingredient is in the mix) it is plain to see that despite the makers claims, that this product is actually rather underpowered and potentially ineffective…

It does contain the proven ZMA combination of Zinc, Magnesium and Vit B6 which in the correct amounts is proven to boost testosterone levels…(again we don’t know how much is in it)

Apart from that, there is no other ingredient in Muscle Fuel 2.0 that is actually clinically proven to have any effect on testosterone…

Bulbine has shown some improvements in tests using Rats, but it has never ever been tested on humans…

Saw Palmetto is another one… tests and trials have failed to show any indications of testosterone boosting properties whatsoever , it can actually block production of DHT – the most powerful form of testosterone there is… unless you have hereditary hairloss, this is one hormone that you do NOT want to block.

The same can be said about Tribulus, despite the fact that its one of the most common ingredients to be found in countless T boosters, it has failed to provide any firm proof of its T boosting effects during clinical trials… It can help boost libido, so users will without doubt experience some increases from that perspective..

May also be a viable option for anybody who really doesn’t like taking pills…

Overall – Disappointing.. We Suggest Looking Elsewhere

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