Pronabolin Review

Pronabolin Review

We Take An Impartial Look At Pronabolin T-Booster

Pronabolin is a natural testosterone booster. It is powered by a blend of organic ingredients that the makers claim work to boost testosterone production in men of all ages.

This is no different to many other products out there. In fact the only real difference between Pronabolin and the competition is it has some strange additions and a higher price tag. 

pronabolin t-booster review

It’s unlikely to beat similar options on ability, but it will probably knock them for six when it comes to hitting the wallet. This testosterone booster could leave a nasty dent.

Here’s a quick low-down on its alleged abilities:

  • Boosts Free Testosterone Levels
  • Enables You to Dominate Your Workouts and Get Better Results
  • Helps Increase Libido and Performance
  • Supercharges Your Sex Life
  • Safe to Use and Free from Side Effects
  • Contains no Stimulants or Hazardous Fillers

These are all pretty standard promises for a testosterone booster but, if Pronabolin could really deliver the goods many men may not mind paying a little more. 

Time to take a look at the ingredients.

Formula In Pronabolin

Each 3-capsule serving delivers:

  • Tribulus Terrestris – 45 % Saponins (650mg): An extract taken from a weed-like species of plant that grows in areas where few other plants can survive. Tribulus terrestris is a very popular natural testosterone booster that’s often used as a remedy for erectile dysfunction. Extracts that provide 60% saponins are more likely to deliver good results, but the dose here is a little higher than normal so it may still cut the mustard.
  • Fenugreek Seed Extract (300mg): A popular testosterone boosting ingredient with questionable abilities when it comes to getting the job done. Although some studies suggest it works, just as many suggest it does not.
  • Coleus Forskohlii (125mg):  An Indian herb. Its use as a libido-enhancer can be traced back many hundreds of years. More recently scientists have discovered coleus forskohlii also enhances muscle growth and encourages the body to start burning its fat. 
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid (100mg):  A vitamin-like chemical and antioxidant. It’s another oddball inclusion for a formulation intended to boost testosterone, but it may help men who are training hard and eating healthy to burn a few extra calories.
  • Eurycoma Longifolia 100:1 Extract (100mg): The results of one study suggest men taking eurycoma longifolia may benefit from better quality erections and increased libido. The dose here is 100mg of a 100:1 extract. The concentration is based on the eurycomamone content and 200-300mg of a 100.1 extract such as this is considered to be the correct amount, so the dose here is too low.
  • Horny Goat Weed (100mg): Chinese healers have been using this plant extract to treat erectile dysfunction for many hundreds of years. It’s believed to work by boosting androgen sex hormone levels and increasing blood flow to the penis.
  • Black Pepper Extract – 95% Piperine (15mg):  Although black pepper extract offers no direct benefit in a formulation like this, it still has value because it boosts the absorption of other ingredients.
  • Digestive Proteolytic Blend (250mg): A proprietary blend of digestive enzymes that probably has no business being in a product like this. It may assist ingredient absorption, but that’s what the black pepper is for and although side effects are rare, they do happen, so this one could be more trouble than it’s worth.


pronabolin formula


Three capsules have to be taken together, on an empty stomach. 

On non-workout days the best time to do this is in the mornings. 

On workout days the capsules are best taken 30-45 minutes before starting the workout. Men who wish to do so are told they can increase the dose by 1-2 capsules. 

However, doing so would bring the life-expectancy of a bottle of Pronabolin down from 90 days to just 18-22 days.

Users Feedback

Customer opinion is split right down the middle with this one. 

Half the people who’ve taken the time to write Pronabolin customer reviews praise the product to the high heavens. 

The rest show an equal enthusiasm when sharing their tales of disappointment. So, whereas there are plenty of people saying things like “It delivers!”, “Great!”, and “Best testo booster ever!”; there are also just as many who state “waste of money”, “felt no difference”, and “Absolutely sucks!”.

Any Side Effects?

No side effects have been reported.

Where To Buy Pronaboin In Australia

Pronabolin is available directly from the manufacturer’s website and via Amazon. 

As far as the price goes, Pronabolin is considerably more costly than many of the other options available and even men who choose to buy the “Maximum Boost” package to get the maximum price discount won’t get much change from $300.

A months supply starts at $79.99.

Cash Back Guarantee?

At first glance, the Pronabolin guarantee appears to be pretty good because it lasts for 120 days. 

However, closer inspection of the terms reveals the guarantee is only applicable to customers who buy the product directly from the manufacturer and returns of “overly used” products will not be accepted. (what that actually means is open to a wide interpretation).

Final Thoughts/Conclusion

First of all, the guarantee with this product is actually not that good. 

It may be nice and long but it looks like men who give the product a good try and find it does not work may have difficulty getting their money back. 

That’s a problem because customers reviews show a lot of men claim Pronabolin let them down. 

That’s not surprising because, although the formulation contains one or two good testosterone boosting ingredients, it also contains a lot of dead weight that will only serve to dilute the capabilities of the better ingredients and may even work against them. 

Does a testosterone boosting supplement really need digestive enzymes in it?

We think not and we’re not sure what’s going on with the milk thistle. It’s detox abilities may actually cause it to purge some of the other ingredients from the body. 

If this was a cheap and cheerful product, with a better guarantee, we may say give it a go.

We reserve our biggest criticism for Tribulus Terrestris. Its one of the most common ingredients around, and does have some libido boosting qualities.

However, this is a testosterone booster review and as such we have to view it from that angle. 

The scientific facts are that Tribulus has regretfully FAILED at every level in numerous clinical trials to generate even a hint of increased testosterone. It does not workits that simple.

Actually when you really look at the formula, the makers appear to have avoided almost every single proven testosterone boosting ingredient on the market – there is no Magnesium, Zinc, or Vitamin B6. Worst still the makers have ignored arguably the two the most crucial of all ingredients – Vitamin D3 and D-aspartic acid.

As it is, we simply cannot recommend. Pronabolin has a hit and miss success rate at best and simply does not compare well with some of the other options men have available to them.

A a libido booster, it could offer some benefits, but if you want to build larger muscles, or simply a more rounded testosterone booster then you will find it seriously lacking.

“We strongly suggest that you look elsewhere.”

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