Ten Easy Ways To Build Muscle

 Ten Step Plan To Building Muscle

It’s not as difficult as it seems to build muscle; all you need is the right mind-set, a bit of dedication and to follow these ten tips that will help get you on the right track:

The 3 Key Weight Training Exercises

Make sure you start off with the 3 main weight training exercises; the squat, the deadlift and How-To-Get-Tips-For-Muscle-Buildingthe bench press. By including these in your routine, it will allow you to develop good technique, bolster overall strength and build muscle bulk in no time at all.

Lift Lighter More Often

It’s often said to build big, strong muscle you need to lift heavy. This is true, but lifting a lighter weight with more reps can increase the level of lactic acid which helps to stimulate muscle growth. A good way to start is to do 10-15 lifts at a time and resting for one minute or less.

Visit The Gym Three Days A Week

Anyone who is serious about building muscle should workout at the gym a minimum of three days a week. Newbies should begin with twice a week, gradually increasing your visits over time.

Fill Up On Protein

If you already have a protein rich diet you won’t need to worry too much, but even an experienced bodybuilder knows that you have to consume the appropriate amount of protein a day for maximum gains.  whether this is through supplements or through your diet.

Set Achievable Goals 

Knowing what you want and setting realistic goals for yourself will help you to achieve what you want to achieve.

It is helpful to seek advice from a personal trainer who can work with you to come up with a plan of action which will help you get there far quicker.

Go The Extra Mile


bodybuilder-eatingAs you increase in strength, aim to push yourself a little bit more each time.  This means more repetitions and less breaks, starting with heavier weights while reducing to lighter weights before stopping the workout.

Eat The Correct Foods

No matter how often you’re in the gym or how hard you’re training without the right amount of carbohydrates, protein and good fats in your diet, all that effort is wasted. It’s a myth that you have to eat big amounts of carbohydrates; smaller amounts of carbohydrates are preferable as they will cause an insulin spike which puts the body in a muscle building (anabolic state.) Chicken, whole grain cereal, oats, brown rice and oils such as olive and flaxseed provide just the right amount of nutrients required by bodybuilders.

Lift Free Weights

Increase the amounts of free weights (barbells) you lift if you want to build big muscle. Dumbbells are great for building lean muscle but they do not put as much stress on the cells so significant muscle gains will not be seen through lifting barbells alone.

Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Ideally, a full 8 hours sleep will stand you in good stead for the building of muscle and will bodybuilder-sleep-2give you the rest your body needs to recover and repair itself. You should always have at least one day off from training to avoid injury from overworking the muscles, which will only put you back and make the muscle building process take even longer.

Take A Testosterone Boosting Supplement

A good Testosterone supplement can help you to build lean muscle growth and increase your stamina which can allow you to train for longer without tiring.  When combined with the correct diet and workout is all you need to increase your muscle building and achieve the results you desire.

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