TestoFuel Review Australia

TestoFuel Review Australia

We Checkout Testo Fuel – Is It The Best T-Booster In Australia?

Our Vote – The Perfect Choice For Bodybuilders (Updated 2018)

We were both rather interested after hearing about Testofuel – a natural testosterone booster  that has been hitting both the headlines and the best selling lists in both the US and the UK.

Intrigued, we ordered a 4 month supply and now having been taking testofuel for a while wish to share our thoughts and comments.

Testofuel is now available throughout Australia and we really do suggest that you check it out too…testofuel


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What Is TestoFuel

TestoFuel is a naturally formulated testosterone booster that promises to help its users develop:

  • Increased Muscle Mass
  • Greater Strength
  • Improved Results From Workouts
  • Reduced Body Fat
  • Boosted Sex Drive


Although Testofuel is mainly marketed towards guys who workout, its actually really good at boosting low testosterone levels in guys suffering the effects of reduced Testosterone levels. ( testosterone production starts to naturally decline by around 1-2% a year from the age of 30)…

Testofuel is quite well priced too – at AU $85.00 for a months supply it compares favourably with most of the popular test boosters out there.

The thing that sold it for us however is this:

Testo Fuel is sold with a full 90 day cash back guarantee – if after using as directed, you fail to see any benefits or gains, then the makers of Testofuel will refund your full purchase price with no questions asked.

No other Testosterone booster offers this assurance and simply highlights the makers trust and confidence in their product.

Currently You Can Only Get TestoFuel From The Official Website at testofuel.com

The Ingredients In TestoFuel

testofuelThe formula in TestoFuel is a power packed blend of proven testosterone producing ingredients.

The key ingredients in Testofuel are D-Aspartic Acid (2300mg) Vitamin D (5000 iu) Oyster Extract, and ZMA

Full Ingredient list as follows:

Oyster Extract – a powerful source of Zinc – more in fact than lean steak. Essential for boosting both muscle mass and also both sex drive and fertility. Testofuel was the first product of its kind to harness the effects of this powerful ingredient.

Fenugreek – Common ingredient in testosterone boosters, clinically proven to enhance testosterone levels

Ginseng – Increases cellular growth and sexual desire

Vitamin D – Clinical studies have proved that increased levels of Vitamin D are linked to higher Testosterone levels. Testofuel contains a powerful 5000iu per serving.

D-Aspartic Acid – Clinically proven to increase luteinizing and testosterone levels by up to 45% in just 13 days

Magnesium – Directly proven to boost free testosterone levels

Vitamin B6 –  Essential vitamin known for its ability to trigger bodily growth

How To Take TestoFuel

It easy to take TestoFuel, there is no need to cycle or take rest periods unlike some poroducts, you can take for as long as you wish with no risks.

Daily dosing is 4 tablets a day, one at breakfast, lunchtime, dinner and before bed.

Our Feedback On TestoFuel

Both Rob and myself have been taking TestoFuel for 8 weeks now; and we can only report good things.

Neither of us felt or saw much change for about 10 days, but then slowly but surely we both noticed a real increase in our strength and experienced quicker recovery between reps

Our bench press and in fact all of our lifting weights have improved dramatically and we are now both seeing some real improvement in muscle bulk and definition.

My bench press went from 90Kg to 115Kg in just 8 days… an amazing increase!!

an added bonus is our sex drive….. its gone through the roof!!

Looking at other testo fuel reviews, we are not alone in our findings, We have read dozens of reports from users both here in Australia and throughout the world who have experienced similar and even better results from using testo fuel to those experienced by us in our short trial.

sample reviews courtesy of testofuel.com


testo fuel reviews

Testofuel Side Effects

We have seen no side effects or reactions at all, other users of testofuel tell us the same.

Testo Fuel tell us that they have no actual reports of any adverse reactions whatsoever.

Fully Guaranteed

As mentioned before,TestoFuel are the only manufacturer to back up their product with a full 90 day cash back guarantee.

Users have 90 days to use and evaluate TestoFuel and then can return any empty boxes for a full refund should they be unhappy with the results.

Testofuel FAQ

Q Who makes Testofuel?

Testofuel is made by Roar Ambition, A UK based scientist led team of bodybuilding enthusiasts.

Q Who Is Testofuel For?

Testofuel was originally designed for the keen bodybuilder to help him increase his muscle mass, strength and energy.

Its benefits however, extend to any man who is experiencing the effects of low testosterone. Testofuel is excellent at boosting libido, muscle tone, and reducing unwanted belly fat so often associated with getting that little bit older.

Q What Makes Testofuel Different?

Testofuel has been scientifically developed to deliver optimum doses of clinically proven testosterone boosting ingredients.

Its key difference however is that the formula in testofuel contains oyster extract, an ingredient overlooked my most supplement manufacturers, this is natures highest natural source of crucial zinc, even more than lean red meat. Zinc is one of life essential minerals and is directly linked to both testosterone and fertility.

Q Can I Stack Testofuel With Other Supplements?

Yes, Testofuel can safely be taken with all bodybuilding supplements, protein shakes, pre and post workouts, and fat burners

Q Do I Need To Cycle Testofuel?

No, Testofuel has been scientifically developed to be taken daily on a continuous basis.

Q How Long Should I Take Testofuel For?

Testofuel was developed to boost and maintain testosterone levels and should ideally be taken on a regular, ongoing basis. Thats said the makers do recommend that you take for at least two months to see the full benefits.

Q Does Testofuel Contain Stimulants?

No Testofuel is completely free of caffeine and any other stimulants

Q What About Drugs Tests, Will I Pass After Taking Testofuel?

Yes, testofuel only contains natural and safe plant and herbal extracts alongside key minerals and vitamins with no banned substances

Q Where Can I Buy Testo-fuel Australia?

The official website is the only place to buy, shipping is fast and secure

Q How Many Capsules In A Box Of Testofuel?

A box of testofuel contains 120 capsules, enough for 30 days supply.

Q Does Testofuel Cause Any Side Effects?

The formula in testofuel is 100% natural and has no reported side effects. Naturally you need to make sure that you have no allergies to the individual ingredients.

Q Do Testofuel Ship Worldwide?

Yes with shipping hubs in the UK, US and Australia, shipping is fast and secure

Where To Get TestoFuel In Australia

We ordered directly from the official website, they have full distribution set up across Australia and New Zealand.

testo fuel official website

Orders are quickly shipped throughout the region .We live just outside Brisbane (Strathpine) and it arrived in just a few days..

TestoFuel costs AU$ 85.00 for a months supply, they do offer larger orders at discounted prices – these also include some bonus items

We Both Ordered and recommend as our vote for “Best Value Buy” :

 TheUltimate Muscle Gainers Package’

We ordered a three month supply of testofuel, we also received an extra months supply FREE along with two free (and informative) E books on nutrition and effective workouts.

We Paid AU $255.00 – a fantastic saving 

100% Natural, Proven Ingredients, Proven Results And A Lengthy Cash Back Guarantee – Can You Afford Not To Try TestoFuel?

Review Summary



Natural Formula


Users Feedback And Results




Customer Service


Value For Money



  • Builds Lean Muscle Mass Fast
  • Safe, Natural Formula
  • Boosts Energy And Libido
  • Cash Back Guarantee
  • Bulk Discounts & Free Boxes Available
  • Available Worldwide


  • Only Available Online
  • Premium Priced Product
  • Not Suitable For Women

The information in this website is for advice and guidance only. It is based on our own intensive research and personal experiences, and is not intended to replace professional medical advice, or to diagnose or treat any health conditions. All rights reserved.