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Are You Feeling Tired And Worn Out? Check Out Testoprime – The Only Natural T-Booster with a Lifetime Guarantee.

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Testoprime is an all natural testosterone booster suitable for men of all ages

It’s a well documented fact that all men will start to lose some of their natural testosterone production after the age of 30. 

Experts tell us that this decline usually ranges at between 1-2% per year.

At first most of us do not generally notice the effects, but as the years progress many of us start to experience some of the problems linked to age related low testosterone.

These can include:

  • Reduced energy
  • Lack of strength
  • Poor muscle tone
  • Increased belly fat
  • Erection problems
  • Poor moods
  • Problems sleeping

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Testoprime is a cleverly developed, all natural supplement that helps to restore the bodies natural testosterone production. 

Made by reputable supplement manufacturers Wolfson Berg Ltd, the product is the result of several years research and development by their team. 

Their brief was to research and develop an all natural, effective and most importantly safe testosterone boosting supplement that helped men of all ages regain their masculinity and vitality.

By blending 12 carefully selected t-boosting ingredients, the end result – Testoprime delivers the following benefits:

  • Increases natural testosterone production
  • Increases libido, reduces erectile dysfunction
  • Helps burn up to 16% of overall body fat
  • Boost muscle strength by up to 138.7%
  • Increase endurance by up to 92.2%
  • Reduces stress by up to 71.6%

Whats In Testoprime

Testo Prime boasts an impressive formula

The 12 ingredients carefully selected for Testoprime all work together in synergry with your natural bodily processes to naturally promote the increased production of testosterone.

The ingredient profile is as follows:

D-Aspartic Acid 2000mg – a natural amino acid that plays a key role in the production of luteinizing hormone, a major and direct precursor to testosterone production.

Panax Ginseng – 8000mg – A time served natural herb that has a long history of use in traditional medicines. Known to be potent antioxidant that boosts energy levels, fight fatigue and re-invigorate libido and sexual performance.

Ashwagandha (KSM66®) 668mg – Clinically tested and proven to boost testosterone production, maximising energy levels, cognitive ability, improving digestion and boosting muscle mass. KSM66® is the worlds most powerful and purest form of this key ingredient.

Fenugreek 800mg – No self respecting t-booster should be without fenugreek, it has a history of use dating back 6000 years for its ability to boost sexual performance, energy and stamina. It can also help to boost fat metabolism which helps with weight loss.

Green Tea Extract 4000mg – Blocks the unwanted process where testosterone in the body is converted into DHT

Pomegranate Extract 360mg – Considered to be the natural alternative to viagra – A powerful source of antioxidants that help to boost blood flow, improving stamina, reducing fatigue and increasing erection strength and longevity.

Vitamin D 26.68ug – another key ingredient in nay good T-booster. Has a positive effects on testosterone production, not only that, it helps boost many aspects of our health including moods, bone density, immune system and metabolism

Vitamin B6 5.6mg – Proven in countless studies have proven that B6 can help support normal healthy testosterone production, it can help boost energy levels, reduce fatigue and provide an improvement in focus and concentration

Vitamin B5 8mg – Helps to increase the conversion of body fats into energy. Also help to maintain healthy testosterone levels

Garlic Extract 1200mg – Studies have shown that natural garlic can help boost testosterone production, it can also help to maintain a healthy metabolism which helps to use stored fat for energy.

Zinc 40mg – works alongside green tea extract to stop the process of aromatase ( are testosterone in the body is converted into the female hormone estrogen. This helps to maintain the levels of testosterone in the blood stream. Zinc is also recognised for its positive effects on libido and fertility

Black Pepper( Piperine) 6.68mg proven to help boost the absorption and effectiveness of the key ingredients in Testoprime by up to 30%.

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How To Take Testoprime

The makers recommend that you take 4 capsules daily – preferably with breakfast – always take Testoprime with a glass of water to ease absorption and speed results.

What Do Users Say About Testoprime?

Results from users are extremely positive, men of all ages love the clean, effective formula and the way that Testoprime provides them with a fast and noticeable boost in all things ‘manly’. 

Increases in muscle tone, and strength alongside reduced fat and a very welcome boost in sex drive and performance are reported by 99% of all users.

testoprime testimonials
Testoprime is loved by thousands of men across the world

Does Testoprime Cause Any Side Effects?

There have been no reports of any unwanted side effects resulting from the use of Testoprime

Where Can I Buy Testoprime

testoprime website
The official testoprime website accepts orders from customers worldwide

You can order directly from the official Testoprime website. (Click Here)

Here a months supply will cost you AU $89.99

You can make some great savings by buying 2 or more bottles:

Buy 2 bottles get 1 FREE – this will cost you AU$179.99

Buy 3 Bottles get 3 FREE – This will cost you AU $269.99

The makers ship all orders worldwide for FREE

Lifetime Guarantee

Testoprime is the ONLY testosterone booster to be currently sold with a lifetime guarantee. 

Basically if you take the product and are disappointed with the results, you can return the empty bottles and any unused products at any time after receiving the goods for a full refund.

This will be processed without any awkward questions. ( see website for full terms and conditions)


In a marketplace packed with hundreds of products, all making strong, even wild claims about their effectiveness, it’s refreshing to find a t-boosting product that can actually back up its claims.


Testoprime is the real deal, its scientifically researched and developed formula has been proven to provide some great results for men of all ages.

The best product out there for any man aged 30+

With free worldwide shipping and the added bonus of an industry busting lifetime guarantee, Testoprime is a first class product and in our opinion its the best one out there for any man aged 30+ who is experiencing the effects of reduced testosterone.

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