Thermakor Fat Burner Review

Thermakor Fat Burner Review

Does Thermakor Live Up To Its Promises?

In a hugely saturated market it can be rare for a fat burning supplement to truly stand out, so it sometimes take a real point of difference to catch our attention.

Thermakor by Kor Nutrition, however, has managed to really catch our eye. With a professional looking website, strong marketing and enticing promises, we were keen to check this one out.

A natural thermogenic, Thermakor works by raising the body’s natural temperature and increasing the metabolism to burn fat more quickly and efficiently. It also promises:

  • Sky-high energy levels
  • Body fat loss
  • Reduction in appetite
  • Better mental focus

But does Thermakor simply talk the talk, or does it walk the walk too? Let’s dig a little deeper.

The Formula in Thermakor

This is an interesting one. On its official website, the manufacturer lists the following key ingredients:

  • Green tea extract
  • Codonopsis pilosula
  • Evodia rutaecarpa
  • Quebracho blanco
  • White willow bark
  • Inula racemose

Look a little further, however, and you’ll see that Thermakor’s full formula actually incorporates a huge list of ingredients in three ‘heat’, ‘muscle’ and ‘energy’ blends. Here’s the complete lowdown:

How To Take Thermakor

Rather frustratingly, the manufacturer doesn’t freely offer dosage information on its website. We’ve managed to track this down elsewhere, however: the daily dose is two capsules, taken for 12 consecutive weeks before taking a break.

We’d rather see this coming directly from the manufacturer, however.

User Feedback

Unfortunately user feedback is largely underwhelming.

We’ve managed to unearth a catalogue of independent reviews from people who have tried Thermakor and unfortunately, the vast majority of them aren’t good. Many of these people have failed to experience any results whatsoever and claim that this supplement is a waste of money.

What’s more, a few people mention feeling unwell and experiencing jitters when using this supplements – there’s also one report of hospitalisation due to convulsions, but we can’t be sure that this was linked to Thermakor.

Reported side effects

As mentioned above, jitters, shakes, flu-like symptoms and generally feeling unwell have all been noted as side effects of using Thermakor.

Where to Buy Thermakor In Australia

While Thermakor is available from Amazon and other suppliers, If you do want to try it, we’d recommend heading directly to the manufacturer’s official website as you’ll benefit from a comprehensive 30-day money-back guarantee.

Here you’ll pay $59.00 plus shipping for a one-month supply, with a number of discounts and free shipping offers available if you buy larger quantities.

Our Thoughts

Our main grievance here is the huge amount of ingredients packed into just 695mg. It also makes us nervous that this isn’t disclosed on the manufacturer’s website, but can only be found after external research.

While many ingredients here are largely average, one causes serious alarm bells for us: yohimbine. We always warn against any supplement containing this ingredients – it’s been linked to a number of terrible side effects and is certified as a dangerous ingredient by the FDA. With the ingredient illegal in many countries including Australia, it baffles us why any responsible manufacturer would give it the time of day.

The inclusion of yohimbine, combined with the lack of information around the quantities of each ingredient used, is one black mark too many for us. In our verdict, Thermakor is poorly formulated at best, and a risk to your health at worse.

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