Trojan Horse Fat Burner Review

Trojan Horse Fat Burner Review

Fat Burning Without Stimulants – Is This Possible?

If you are looking to buy fat burner, but are worried about taking anything with caffeine of similar stimulants, then one product that you might have heard about is Trojan Horse…made in the US by Blackstone Labs, its readily available throughout Australia from a number of sources…

The makers do make a number of claims about their product…. “the new secret weapon for tearing down walls of fat” is one media statement regularly made, as is the claim that their chief science officer has developed formula that triggers effective fat burning without the use of stimulants…Now if this is true, this could be great news for many people who have an intolerance to stimulants such as caffeine..

About Trojan Horse

Trojan horse works by triggering a cellular process known as uncoupling… in layman terms this indicates ( so we are told) that the body uses more energy than normal, and that this energy is drawn by burning fat… The makers do give an in-depth explanation into how this process works, but unless you have science degree its unlikely that you would understand it ( we certainly didnt)…. the saying bulls**t baffles brains comes to mind here – quite frankly we have no idea if they are talking rubbish or not…. this question is also raised more increasingly when you discover that the formula contains many common fat burning ingredients that are found in other products – and no other company or product makes the same (possibly exaggerated) claims about the process of “uncoupling”…

The Formula In Trojan Horse

Trojan horse contains just 4 ingredients…. each 8.3g scoop contains the following:

Chromium Picolate (200mcg) – commonly found in diet products and has the effect of lowering blood sugar levels and insulin… this makes it a common supplement for use in anybody with type 2 diabetes…. from a dosing point of view, the amount in Trojan horse does seem to be sufficient, but studies show that on its own its unlikely to generate much in the day of fat loss

Calcium Pyruvate (4000mg) – An ingredient that provides calcium.. there are some studies that demonstrate a link between calcium and weight loss, but it is believed that calcium is most effective when eaten in our food and not as a supplement.. also the risk of  taking too much calcium is a very real possibility… we understand that many doctors do recommend that you shouldn’t supplement with calcium unless you are found to be deficient..

L-Carnitine-L-Tartrate (500mg) – a form of an amino acid called Carnitine… it is thought to help boost performance and the growth of new muscle tissue..

Garcinia Cambogia Extract (750mg) Fruit native to Asia and parts of Australia… the key are is its rind which contains a compound known as HCA ( Hydroxycitric acid) – this has a reputation for being able to encourage weight loss by spending the metabolism and restricting the bodies tendency to store any excess calories as body fat… instead it directs them to be burnt as energy..

How To Take Trojan Horse

The recommended daily servings are as follows:

Take one scoop mixed in 300-40ml of water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and a second scoop just before going to sleep…. this (the makers claim) helps encourage fat burning while you sleep

Users Feedback

We could find no independent user reviews out there

Any Side Effects

Being free from stimulants, this product should not cause any side effects…

Where To Buy Trojan Horse

You can order directly from the official US manufacturers website… a tub containing 60 serves will cost you AU $69.. plus there will be an international shipping charge on top…. buyers In Australia will probably save a little bit of money by either buying from the manufacturers eBay store or from Spartansuppz who sell for AU$ 79.95 including shipping..

There are two favours – blackcurrant and lemon/lime

Any Cash Back Guarantee

There are no guarantees offered

Our Thoughts

There is nothing unusual or ground breaking in the ingredient list that sets this product apart from many others out there… it might offer anybody who has an aversion to taking pills a viable alternative, but we are always worried when there are very few (or in this case NO) reviews out there from independent users… the lack of a cash back guarantee on what is a fairly expensive product is another big black mark in our books…

We Suggest 

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