Ultimate Nutrition Testostro Grow Review 

Testostro Grow By Ultimate Nutrition

 Testostro Grow By Ultimate Nutrition – Is This The Ultimate Testosterone Booster?

Each part of Testostro Grow’s formula works in a different way to optimise testosterone levels. Its makers – Ultimate Nutrition claim that it contains some of the strongest testosterone stimulators to create a steady, continuing stream of testosterone that enables users to build muscle mass and optimise workouts.astronutrition.com-Ultimate-Nutrition-Testostro-Grow-HP2---126-tabs-31

This supplement contains a comprehensive formula that (the makers claim) works to support the body in a number of key functions.

These including lowering estrogen levels, improving sexual function, preventing testosterone from become deactive, supporting healthy levels of DHT, boosting aerobic power and muscle strength, protecting from damaging free radicals, normalising blood sugar levels, supporting metabolism, restoring energy and enhancing general wellbeing.

The Formula in Testostro Grow Ultimate Nutrition

Each capsule contains a complex formula of ingredients, all fully disclosed online:Unknown

  • Chrysin 800mg
  • Tribulus Terrestris 1500mg
  • Saw Palmetto 200mg
  • Nettle Root 155mg
  • Avena Sativa 90mg
  • Indole-3-Carbinol 40mg
  • Daidzein 30mg
  • Hawthorn 130mg
  • Cucurbita pepo 120mg
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid 160mg

Taking Testostro Grow Ultimate Nutrition

Take three tablets a day, one at a time, with food.

This supplement should be used for 21 days, followed by a seven day break. Repeat this cycle three times and follow with a 3-4 week break. You can then repeat the program.

User Feedback

Some people have reported significant gains in strength and size when using this product, and muscle tightening and hardening is an area that users are extremely happy with. Many people taking this booster are very satisfied with the energy boost and feeling of great general wellbeing it creates.

However, a number of people say that when they have stopped taking this product, they have experienced a huge crash in energy and general wellbeing, with mood swings being a notable symptom. Some users maintain that this makes it unsuitable for short term use.

It should be noted that a small proportion of people say they have experienced no difference at all from taking the product – this is without a doubt because a key ingredient, tribulus terrestris has actually failed to demonstrate any testosterone-boosting effects whatsoever in clinical trials.

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Any Reported Side Effects

This product seems widely free of side effects, apart from reports of a ‘crash’ when the cycle ends.

Where to buy Testostro Grow Ultimate Nutrition

This product is available in Australia and New Zealand online from Amazon.com and GNClivewell.com.au.  It costs between $30 and $80 for 126 tablets.

Any Guarantees Provide

None provided

Our Thoughts

Just one glance at the formula tells us that Testostro Grow is weak and underpowered…. taking you through the key components of the formula:

Chrysin – there has only been very limited testing on its testosterone boosting abilities on Rats… despite one clinical test showing a slight increase in testosterone in Wistar Rats, the facts are that Chrysin in supplement form is not absorbed very well by the body and can only generally provide any positive effect on testosterone production when injected directly into the testicles.

Tribulus Terrestris – Found in many testosterone boosters… dispite its popularity, the facts are that it has failed miserably in numerous trials to demonstrate any testosterone boosting effects… it does have some uses however.. it can help boost a flagging libido

Hawthorn – Clinical trials have failed to demonstrate any testosterone boosting abilities

Avena Sativa – Common Oats with no proven clinical ability whatsoever in boosting Testosterone

Daidzein – No Clinical Proof Of Its Testosterone boosting abilities.. in fact tests have shown an anti androgen effect in lab rats

Curcurbita Pepo – An extract of pumpkin that has no clinical trials behind it that either prove or disprove its abilities

Overall taking everything into account, Testostro is ( in our opinion), overpriced and largely ineffective…. we strongly suggest that you look elsewhere if you are serious about building muscle

 Making sure you choose the right supplement is essential to achieving success in your muscle-building plan.

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