Underground Labs Roidz Review

Underground Labs Roidz Review

Does ‘Roidz’ Live Up To Its Own Hype? : We Find Out

Underground Labs Roidz is an all natural testosterone booster made and supplied by supplement makers Underground Labs. 

Roidz T-Booster reviews

They are a newish manufacture based here in Australia. I tried to find out more about the company but there does not appear to be any details or addresses etc available online, the official website is still under construction.

They claim that their product is designed to help boost lean body mass, strength and muscularity by naturally boosting testosterone production.

I heard that its gaining popularity throughout the country, so I decided to check it out and have a real good look, just to see if its going to deliver on all its promises.

The Formula In Underground Labs Roidz 

I always start with the formula as this is the make or break part of the deal.

Get the right ingredients in the right quantities and you will be onto a winner, get them wrong, or simply do not put enough of the right ingredients in the mix and all you will experience is frustration and disappointment.

The formula Is fully disclosed, and each serving contains:

  • Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris 12780mg
  • Tongkat Ali 5000mg
  • Fenugreek Extract 250mg
  • D-Aspartic Acid 50mg
  • Black Pepper Extract 5mg

As part of the nutritional information it delivers zero fat, protein, sugars or sodium but does contain 0.4g carbohydrate per serving.

Looking at the Formula In A Little More Depth 

Tribulus Terrestris – The Bulgarian variety is supposed to be the most effective, and its good to see this variety in the mix, but in truth, this herbal extract has no proven testosterone boosting benefits.  – It has failed in numerous studies, tests and trials to boost testosterone. 

What it can do is help boost libido, especially in men who are experiencing infertility or erectile dysfunction.

One thing to point out, Tribulus is not recommended to be taken by anybody who has diabetes, it can effect blood sugar levels in a negative way. source WEbMD

Fenugreek – Thought to play a part in boosting testosterone, and known to help boost libido. There has been a mixed bag of results in studies, with some showing t-boosting properties, others showing no effect whatsoever. 

Experts recommend a dose of and 500mg, so the amount in Roidz is not considered sufficient enough to have much effect.

TongKat Ali – An extract taken from a flowering plant with wide uses in the treatment of reduced libido. 

Studies have indicated some testosterone boosting properties in men with extremely low testosterone, other more healthy men have not experienced the same effects.

Recommended doses appear to be in the 200-300mg range, so this product contains way over that amount. IN FACT – This really concerns us, we have read that taking too much Tongkat Ali could be toxic with cases of mercury and lead poisoning being reported – source WebMD

D-Aspartic Acid – One of the most sought after testosterone boosting ingredients, studies have shown that it can ( when taken in the right amounts) boost testosterone by as much as 42%. 

Its effects will benefit most men, but its particularly effective in those who are slightly older, and may be experiencing the effects of low testosterone (hypogonadism) along with reduced fertility and libido

Most t-boosters use a dose of around 2000-3000mg so this one is really underdosed

Black Pepper Extract – Has no proven testosterone boosting effects itself, but is commonly used for its ability to increase and speed up the absorption of the main ingredients. So a worthwhile ingredient.

Roidz ingredient label

How To Take Underground Labs Roidz

The suggested daily serving is 2 capsules per day. On workout days take 20-30 mins before hitting the gym, on rest days take 30 minutes before going to bed.

Who Is Underground Labs Roidz Suitable For?

In my opinion, this product might offer more benefits to those men who are older and who could be experiencing the effects of low testosterone ( poor moods, lack of libido, reduced energy levels). I don’t believe that its strong enough to help younger gym going men to build muscle mass

Any Reported Side Effects?

roidz t-booster australia

Not really, one possible effect of Fenugreek is to make sweat smell sweeter – a bit like maple syrup, but thats about all.

Where To Buy Underground Labs Roidz In Australia

It is available throughout Australia from popular supplement online stores. One example is mrsupplement who are selling a bottle containing 45 servings for $69.95.

The makers do mention a cash back guarantee, but the terms and conditions do vary according to where you buy from, so read the small print.

Final Thoughts

Too be blunt, the only thing that Underground Labs Roidz really offers is libido support, if you are looking to build muscles there is nothing here that will (In my opinion) deliver any real muscle boosting results. 

The makers have done nothing to combat the testosterone killing effects of Estrogen or Cortisol either –  This is key to maximising testosterone production.

For this purpose, you need far greater amounts of D-aspartic acid and other crucial T-boosting ingredients such as Vitamin D3, Magnesium, Zinc, Boron and Vitamin B6 – all ignored by the makers of Roidz.

“My Opinion – Way Overpriced And Weakly Formulated.”

I would suggest looking elsewhere, and maybe as a starting point, suggest that you check out our top testosterone boosters list – in particular one product to check out is testogen . 

All products listed provide powerful formulas, and provide proven results across the board. 

On top of that they all offer lengthy cash back guarantees that provide you with a refund should you be unhappy with the results.

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