What Is HGH

What Is HGH And Can It Really Help Slow The Ageing Process?

benefits of taking hgh
HGH Is Responsible For Our Muscle Mass And Strength

Ever since the Spanish explorers of the 16th century, men across the world have searched high and low for the so called ‘elixir of youth’ – You know that mythical potion that is reported to grant you everlasting youth, health and a long life.

Now while the rumours of this so called miraculous potion may not be true, there is something that you can use to help slow down the clicking of the age clock, and help you regain your youthful muscle mass, strength, energy and libido –

It is called HGH ( Human Growth Hormone )

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What Is Human Growth Hormone?

Human Growth hormone (also called HGH or GH) is a naturally produced hormone that is released by the pituitary gland in the brain.

Secreted into the blood stream, its production is the result of a complex hormonal process involving different hormones that are produced in the brain, the pancreas and the intestinal tract.

HGH is usually released in bursts, these tend to be dictated by what we are doing or experiencing. Exercise triggers it, but it is also released when we are feeling stressed or experiencing trauma, as well as when we sleep.

Its levels can vary wildly throughout the day depending on what we are actually doing.

Scientists who have studied HGH tell us that it rises initially during childhood, reached its peak levels during our teenage years and then slowly declines from that point.

Human growth hormone has an effect on many tissues throughout the body. In the young it helps to stimulate the growth of cartilage, bone and muscle. 

As we get older it boost protein production, aids with the utilising of fats, it can help control insulin and helps to regulate blood sugar levels.

HGH can also help boost levels of a hormone called IGF-1 ( Insulin-like growth factor).

HGH is the result of a lengthy hormonal process

Taking Human Growth Hormone Drugs

HGH therapy is available in many countries in injectable form. 

It is commonly prescribed by doctors to help children with growth issues – particularly those who are shorter than average.

It is also used to help treat adults who are HGH deficient. 

This is quite uncommon in adults and is usually the result of broader issues effecting the pituitary gland, hypothalamus or possibly both. 

It’s actually hard to diagnose as the use of blood tests is not reliable given the erratic nature of HGH levels throughout the day.

The young can benefit from HGH therapy greatly. 

Those with growth issues often see a remarkable surge in growth with treatment.

Adults who take HGH therapy can also enjoy some noticeable improvements in muscle mass, and strength. 

They can also enjoy improved exercise capacity, improved energy levels, along with a reduction in the risk of heart disease and even improvements in libido.

There is a dark side to treatments with actual HGH. 

Some of those who receive these injected synthetic hormones have experienced a range of side effects, some minor, and others more unpleasant, even potentially dangerous.

Side effects can include:

  • Fluid retention
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Nerve and ligament problems ( carpal tunnel syndrome being the most common)
  • High blood sugar levels

Athletic Performance And Doping Problems With HGH

It’s commonly recognised that using HGH treatments can help generate massive increases in muscle mass, strength and energy. 

Athletes benefit from this sort of treatment greatly, and many do turn to HGH to boost their performance.

It’s a common problem, so much so that many governing bodies have banned athletes from using drug based HGH treatments. 

To date the bodies that have banned drug based HGH include the IOC( International Olympic Committee), Major League Baseball, National Football League, and WADA ( World anti doping agency).

Its use has tainted many sports, including cycling, baseball, and track and field sports.

Many a good athlete has had their reputation and career ruined because of illegal HGH use.

Because most professional sports have banned the use of drug based HGH treatment its quite hard to actually evaluate just what difference their use on the sports field or track would make.

Scientists have carried out studies into the effects and benefits of Human Growth Hormone on athletes. 

They measured body composition, strength and exercise capacity under laboratory conditions and then recorded the effects of injected HGH.

One such study involved 440 volunteers ( 85% were male) with an average age of 27 who were physically fit and had an average lean body mass index of 24. 

303 of the group had daily HGH injections, the remaining group a placebo. After 20 days the group receiving the HGH saw an average increase in lean body mass of 4.6 POUNDS.

It was also found however that the group who received the HGH also retained more fluid. They also suffered from increased fatigue – a side effect of the drug

The Use Of HGH Drugs To Combat Ageing

Another area that has been studied is the use of HGH to treat older people.

The studies looked at how they could regain some of their youthful vitality and muscularity.

There have been some 32 high quality studies involving the use of HGH theory in healthy older people since 1989.

The total number of test subjects involved 447 man and women with an average age of 69, 220 who received HGH the others a placebo.

The dosage varied considerably between studies and the duration of the studies ranged from just 14 days to a year.

In all trials the levels of IGF-1 which reflects the bodies levels of HGH increased by a staggering 88%.

The subjects who received the Human Growth Hormone also saw increased lean body mass averaging at 4.6 lbs.

They did not report any changes in cholesterol levels, triglycerides, bone density or aerobic capacity. 

The same can be said for blood sugar levels and insulin.

What these studies did demonstrate was that drug based HGH treatments can cause unwanted side effects. 

Many experienced joint pain, fluid retention, enlarged brasses and carpal tunnel syndrome. 

The scientists also believed that these tests showed an increased risk of certain cancers too, particular prostate cancer. 

Can Exercise and Diet Help Boost HGH?

Studies have shown that using drug based HGH therapy can have a beneficial effect on lean muscle mass and energy.

However the apparent risks do outweigh the benefits in many ways.

There are some other options to these forms of man made hormone replacement therapies.

First off, a decent exercise and diet regime will pay dividends in the fight against ageing and all the downsides that it can bring.

Check your diet, particularly your daily protein intake.

Make sure that you are eating in the region of 0.36 grams per pound of body weight . 

As an example, a man weighing 160lbs (in the UK this works out at 11stone 6 lbs) should be eating 57.6 grams of protein daily.

Aim to also do at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise daily ( a good walk will suffice).  

If possible perform some strength training (use weights or even exercise bands) to work the muscles.  

Do this 2-3 times a week to help maintain your muscle tone and strength. 

Whats more it will help to reduce the risk of certain chronic illnesses.

It will also enhance both your vitality, and your overall enjoyment of life.

Boosting HGH Naturally

A Good Natural HGH Supplement Can Boost Natural Hormone Levels Without Side Effects

There are risks associate with prescription forms of drug based HGH.

There are some alternative methods to naturally help improve your Human Growth Hormone production without any risk or the possibility of side effects.

These come in the form of Natural HGH enhancing supplements.

How do they work? Lets explain briefly…

A prescription drug based HGH injection works by forcing man made (synthetic) hormone into your body. 

While it does produce the same effects as natural HGH, it can also trigger a response from your body which can lead to side effects as listed. 

This is became the HGH being introduced is not your own genetic hormone.

A natural HGH promotor works in a different way. 

Instead of forcing foreign or synthetic/man made Human Growth Hormone into your body, it works in the body at hormonal level to provide it with key vitamins and minerals.

These encourage your body to increase production of its own natural, genetic HGH.

The increased GH being produced is your own natural genetic hormone, and as such will not trigger any adverse responses or bad reactions.

With increased levels of Human Growth Hormone flowing though your body, you will begin to enjoy improved muscle tone and increased strength.

You can also reduced body fat and a noticeable spike in sex drive and performance.

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