What Is Testosterone

Why Is Testosterone Important

Testosterone naturally occurs in the testes of men and animals and is classed as a steroid hormone. Women also produce a very small amount of testosterone in their ovaries.

Testosterone is produced by the leydig cells and helps to maintain libido (sex drive) and moods in both men and womentestosterone-effects

Testosterone is a dominant androgen hormone in men and is responsible for muscle growth, weight gain, body hair distribution, the deeper voice, development and function of the sex organs and semen production.

The lower the levels of Testosterone, the more the muscle tone and strength is reduced which is why when many men approach middle-age they begin to lose muscle tone and put on weight. Testosterone is known as an anabolic hormone which is why many body builders rely heavily on testosterone enhancing supplements to help boost muscle bulk and strength. Treatments involving actual testosterone is illegal in the majority of countries.

Testosterone helps to regulate our electrolyte levels (chloride, potassium and sodium) and helps to control our fluid balance as it has powerful ‘systemic anabolic effects’. It also helps the body to store and retain calcium which guards against brittle bone disease. Individuals with higher testosterone levels find their skin is more vascular and they will be less prone to weight gain.

natural-testosterone-boostersAge is a big factor in Testosterone production, for example, an individual that is going through puberty will have a significantly larger level than someone aged 30. This level of testosterone does begin to drop with age, though the process is very gradual and can take many years. Its effects include insomnia and sleep problems, reduced muscle tone and lack of sex drive.

Many athletes and bodybuilders like to utilise the use of supplements that help to boost their own testosterone levels alongside their workouts and the correct diet. They can dramatically help to boost a man’s sex drive, energy and stamina and help increase and maintain strong muscle mass.

But even those who have never set foot in a gym can still reap the benefits of a higher testosterone level. An effective testosterone supplement can help to:

  • Increase Muscle Mass and Strength
  • Improve Sleep And Quality Of Sleep
  • Boost Your Sex Drive And Stamina
  • Maintain Weight Loss And Promote Muscle Tone
  • Regulate Your Mood

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