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Where To Buy Prime Male Australia

 We Check Out Prime Male – Could It Really Be The Best Low Testosterone Supplement Out There?

The Best T-Booster For The Over 40’s (Updated 2021)

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Are you a Prime Male?

Reduced testosterone levels can affect any man over the age of 40..

Here in Australia there are around 2 million diagnosed cases of hyogonadism ( the official name for low T) each year.

At its peak in our teens and twenties, our natural testosterone levels start to deplete by between 1 and 2% a year from the age of 30..

By the time we have reached our 30’s and beyond, the effects of this reduction start to be noticed with issues such as:

  • Loss Of Libido
  • Poor Muscle Tone And Reduced Strengh
  • Lack Of Energy
  • Poor Sleep
  • Bad Moods And Lack Of Concentration
  • Increased Body Fat

Treating Low Testosterone

Diagnosed by a simple blood test, low testosterone can be treated in two ways. Your doctor can prescribe a course of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).  

This can come in the form of pills, injections, patches creams or gel.

Basically they put synthetic testosterone straight back into your body, helping to increase the levels and reverse the symptoms.

The other method is by using a natural testosterone boosting supplement.

Instead of introducing actual testosterone back into your body, these provide specially selected nutrients, minerals and vitamins that stimulate your own production of testosterone..

Risks Involved

Prescription TRT methods have come under fire recently, especially in the USA where there are over 20 million men with low testosterone.

In recent months hundreds of lawsuits have been filed against manufacturers of these drug based products.

Patients claiming that they have suffered heart attacks and other serious health issues after being prescribed TRT.

They claim that the drug companies failed to advise both the doctors and the patients themselves of the health risks with some prescription products.

This is where natural products win over prescription treatments. 

They do not introduce foreign testosterone into your body, they simply help your body to produce more of your own Testosterone.

As your body is genetically linked to and used to your own hormones.

It will not react badly and because of this, the health risks from natural treatments are minimal.

Prime Male

prime male best t-booster Australia

UK developed and made Prime Male is one of many T boosting products out there.

What stands this head and shoulders above most of the others is its formula.

“It’s clear that the manufacturers have really studied and done their homework when developing their Prime Male – and its results speak for themselves.”

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Looking at natural testosterone boosters in general, there are hundreds of products that use a wildly varying range ingredients..

The formula is the key to any products effectiveness and this is where most products fail.

The manufacturers use either undisclosed formulas ( where you simply do not know what you are taking) or choose ingredients that have no clinically proven testosterone boosting properties.. 

A classic example is Tribulus Terrestris…found in around 85% of all testosterone boosters.

The scientific facts are that in numerous studies and clinical trials it has failed on all levels to actually boost testosterone. 

It can have some libido boosting abilities when taken in the right amounts, but as an overall testosterone booster – it fails.. Period.

Prime Male has been formulated with a complete set of clinically proven ingredients.

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All of these have demonstrated under clinical conditions to help boost testosterone and reverse the effects of low testosterone levels.

Each dose contains

The actual amounts of each ingredient is fully disclosed on the bottles label.

prime male formula

Taking Prime Male

The suggested dose is 4 capsules a day, take one at breakfast, one at lunch, another at dinner and the last one before you go to bed

Users Feedback

It is very hard to find anything bad said about Prime Male.

Users all report great increases in energy, strength, libido and muscle tone plus a noticeable improvement in sleep quality.

sample reviews courtesy of primemale.com


And its not just older guys either.

If you are a keen bodybuilder and know anything about Testosterone boosting ingredients, you will recognise them all as proven muscle building, strength enhancing, fat reducing compounds that can and will boost the results from your workouts..

Any Reported Side Effects?

As a natural product Prime Male does not cause any side effects.

Where Can I Buy Prime Male In Australia?

You Can Buy Prime Male from the official website – it does not need any prescription.

prime male official website

The makers have shipping centres in the US, UK and here in Australia.

Orders are shipped throughout Australia and New Zealand quickly and discreetly.

Prime Male costs AU $85.00 for a months supply, there are larger packages available at discounted prices. 

Buy two boxes – this costs AU$ 170.00

As the best value buy we suggest the 3 month package – you pay AU$255 and get 3 months supply plus 1 month free.

This saves you AU $85.00 plus you also get FREE global shipping and the protection of their cash back guarantee.

The BEST Bundle is the 4 box bundle – buy 4 boxes, get an extra 2 boxes FREE and pay just AU$ 340.00

Our Thoughts And Recommendation

With the apparent health risks surrounding prescription TRT.

Prime Male offers a safe and effective solution to the problem of low testosterone.

It is clearly head and shoulders above many other similar products for it’s cleverly developed formula and its users reviews


“If You Are Aged 35 Or Over And Have Any Symptoms Relating To Low Testosterone You Really Should Give Prime Male A Try…”

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